Endpoint Management

RayManageSofti is a comprehensive and automated suite to provide deployment and management functionality in the context of Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management.

“The solution that we developed together with Raynet and the inventory and deployment tool RayManageSofti creates transparency and all functions necessary for the management of our IT infrastructure.”
Peter Harslev, Project Manager of Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S

{:de}Kosten sparen{:}{:en}Saving costs{:}

Cost saving

Reduced administration and support costs


Increase in performance

Increase of company-wide compliance and device monitoring


Increases end-user productivity

{:de}Security Patch Management{:}{:en}Security Patch Management{:}

Security Patch Management

Automatic Security Updates

{:de}Qualitätsmanagement Reports{:}{:en}Quality Assurance Reports{:}

Intelligent reporting engine

Organized and logically grouped reports

{:de}Software Inventarisierung Administrative Entlastung{:}{:en}Software Inventory Administrative relief{:}

Software detection function

Identification of any software

Unified software deployment system

IT administrators today face many challenges in their desktop and security management tasks.One of them is the deployment of software applications to their end users. Organisations are experiencing a constant growth in the number of desktop and remote clients, with each user typically owning more than one device and being remote or mobile. Employees need to be able to access their applications everywhere at any time while enter-prises need to ensure a controlled approach to desktop management, security and compliance.The number of software applications itself is increasing and new operating systems are emerging faster, and with it the requirement for tighter patch management. Furthermore, IT departments are asked to do more with fewer budgets, without impacting user productivity.

RayManageSofti meets these administrative challenges by providing a unified OS and software deployment system. RayManageSofti helps reduce the cost of deploying and managing servers and desktops from a centralised location in your environment.The solution offers OS deployment, configuration and software deployment across many hardware platforms and OS types.

RayManageSofti also helps to increase end-user productivity by automating the deployment process and increases IT efficiencythrough automated, repeatable deployment processes.

Software deployment

  • Deploys OS and software applications automatically and centrally
  • Proactive patch management and monitoring of patch releases
  • Advanced roll-out control: Allows far greater control in waves; gives administrators the ability to respond directly to unplanned events
  • Deployment based on desired condition (self-healing) or task-based
{:de}Dashboard Softwareverteilung{:}{:en}Dashboard software deployment{:}
{:de}Softwareverteilung Security Manager{:}{:en}Software deployment Security Manager{:}

Security Patch Management

  • Fast and reliable way to automatically download, deploy and update needed security updates in your environment
  • Simple to use but comprehensive ability to segregate environments for automated tested prior to production deployment
  • Full control over the security update installation because of automated wrapping of data into internal RayManageSofti packages
  • Offline compliance check on the managed devices
  • Managed Devices download patch data from the local RayManageSofti distribution server
  • Clear and comprehensible reports to manage security compliance throughout your organization
  • Easy to operate and therefore a short training period
  • Notification of new or updated security updates
  • Raynet tests security updates before customer release

Security Patch Management Features

Required by Environment

  • Download and deploy only the patches that were requested by your managed devices
    • Prevents the distribution of unwanted or incorrect patch files into your environment
    • The user-interface and the automatism take account of the report data of the devices in your environment so that only necessary patches are loaded and distributed

Patch Automation by Rules

  • Automating tasks significantly improves the performance of these re-occurring security patch management tasks
  • By defining significant events as triggers for automated patch distribution, administrators reduce reaction times while keeping full overview on system activity with advanced logging functions

Security updates for Microsoft and third party products

  • Additionally to the security updates and advisories that are provided by Microsoft we support Third-Party-Products
  • Currently we support the following products and are always willing to extend the list for a specific request:
    • Java 8
    • VLC Player
    • Google Chrome Enterprise
    • Adobe Reader 11
    • Adobe Reader DC
    • Adobe Flash Player
    • Adobe Shockwave Player
    • Adobe Air

Smart Distribution

  • Includes bandwidth optimization, differential data transfer, auto-failover, and auto-resume distribution
  • Reducing of data traffic in your organization by automated compression
  • Support of common data transfer protocols such as SMB, HTTP, FTP and additional protocols for secure communication via SSL
  • Full control of distribution timings and hierarchy
  • Optional push vs. pull method within Hierarchy
  • Comprehensive reporting on distribution status
  • Peer-To-Peer distribution

Main Functionalities


Agent-based and agentless inventory of desktops and server systems; Discovery and Adoption: Collects hardware information of clients on the network. Installation of the RayManageSofti-agent on the discovered devices.

OS Deployment:

Automated deployment of Windows 10, 8 and earlier versions plus Windows Server 2012.

Software Deployment:

Centrally to desktops, servers, laptops and mobile devices, also those in remote locations. Bulk operation functionalities as well as automation of software updates.


Defined security policies according to ITIL and other recognized rule sets, that are applied automatically to managed devices.


Ability to schedule OS or software deployment in advance for easier administration, or out-of-hours for minimal end-user impact.


Definition of the enterprise environment criteria required on all devices.


Deployment of software applications or patches to specific working groups or automated patch distribution triggered by significant events.


Collects software evidence like file, MSI or ARP information and registry data for asset recognition.


Enhanced patch management, prevention of the execution of unwanted programs, alerts generated when configuration exposes security vulnerabilities.


Central reporting on geographically distributed locations and on deployment status.


Leverages your existing IT infrastructure.

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