RayAcademy – The right training for every area

The RayAcademy offers a whole variety of valuable knowledge sessions to keep and improve the competitive capacity of an organization, since this depends significantly on the know-how of the employees and their development. As a full service provider for learning and training Raynet develops and adapts state of art scenarios and accompany your value adding design for your own enterprise education management.

The RayAcademy’s modular training services enclose the complete qualification process and performance components that are relevant for training and learning purposes for your individual situation to meet the enterprise goals.

Our first-class trainings are tailored to our customer’s needs and are being permenantly updated. Current software releases are being used and adjusted to changing requirements. Jointly with experienced project managers and a large network of partners and trainers Raynet has built a high degree of competence in the development of new topics and adapting them to customer needs.

Many competencies

We offer training for all products and services of Raynet and partners within the Application Lifecycle Management.


The trainings can be held at our headquarters in Paderborn or at your site.

Qualified trainers

Together with experienced trainers, project managers and a large network of partners and trainers, you will receive the very best training.


We offer the entire training portfolio in multiple languages from around the world.

RayAcademy Training Areas

We provide trainings for all Raynet and partner products and services within the Application Lifecycle Management because we have the world’s first and unique training of Software Management and Packaging Consultants.

Software Packaging

We have the world wide best and most unique software management and packaging consulting training program.


During the training you will get to know the individual phases and the underlying user and group management.


During the training RMSi will be presented to you in detail and the basic knowledge will be consolidated and expanded.

Quality Control

RayQC helps to achieve the best possible quality for applications during software management..

Workflow Management

In this training, participants will learn how to improve existing processes with a workflow management tool.

Software Asset Management

During this course, participants will learn how to use RayVentory, the necessary configurations, and best practices to use in their daily work.

Become a certified software packager on the market!

Learn about software packaging in general and selected tools from the market. Every training is filled with practical sessions and real life case studies to become the best professional packager. Raynet trainings will provide the necessary knowledge to get your daily work done faster and more efficient compared to others.

Or extend your knowledge in the area of the Application Lifecycle Management and learn the steps of the software lifecycle and how to gain advantages with this know how – Be the first point of contact for software management questions in your company!

Get certified and present yourself as a true specialist. Raynet’s vision ‘From specialist to specialist’ applies in each of our trainings.

Use Raynet’s entire know-how to gain market advantages by training and broadening your skills.

Certified Application Packaging Professional

Software Evaluation
> Evaluation, Best Practices and Implementation
> Evaluation Documentation using RayEval

Workflow Management
> Automised Packaging Process using RayFlow – User Training

Software Packaging
> General Packaging
> Basic Packaging using RayPack

Quality Assurance
> Basic Quality Assurance in Packaging

Software Deployment
> Basics in Deployment

Certified Application Packaging Specialist

Workflow Management
> Best Practice Workflowmanagement using RayFlow – User Training
> Best Practice Workflowmanagement using RayFlow – Admin Training

Project Management
> Applied Project Management and Controlling within Software Packaging

Software Evaluation
> Evaluation, Best Practices and Implementation

Software Packaging
> Basic Packaging using RayPack
> Advanced Packaging using RayPack
> Designing and Implementing Best Practice Packaging Environment in Single, Group or Enterprise Environment

Quality Assurance
> Advanced Quality Assurance using RayQC

Certified Software Mangement Professional

Software Evaluation
> Evaluation, Best Practices and Implementation

Software Packaging
> General Packaging

Quality Assurance
> Best Practice Quality Assurance

Software Deployment
> Basics in Deployment
> Basic Softwaremanagement using RayManageSoft
> Softwaremanagement using SCCM
> Basic Softwaremanagement using Altiris

Certified Software Management Specialist

> Basics in Software Inventories using RayVentory

Workflow Management
> Integration of Workflowmanagement Systems and Deployment Systems
> Applied Project Management and Controlling within Software Management

Software Deployment
> Advanced Softwaremanagement using RayManageSoft
> Softwaremangement using SCCM
> Basic Software Management using Altiris

Why a Raynet certification?

Master the common language of IT professionals worldwide and increase your position within the IT community. With a Raynet certification you can convince customers and business partners with quality and security in the area of Application Lifecycle Management.

Open doors to new career opportunities by demonstrating the skills and knowledge you have gained from customers, competitors, suppliers, employees and business partners. Their skills remain relevant, applicable and competitive thanks to Raynet certifications.

Globally unique Raynet offers this training to the highest standard, combining both theory and practice that can be used globally for any company. The training and corresponding the certification of the Raynet program is a unique direction of studying these métier and concentrates on all technological, administrative, organizational and commercial aspects.

Boost your own value

Training and Certifications are at the foundation of every career.

Win more projects

Training certifications showcase your company’s knowledge and expertise in the areas required to win a project.

Increase your own productivity

Raynet’s modular trainings are streamlined for high efficiency and effectiveness.

Qualify and certify your employee

Education supports motivation and efficient working skills.