Success Story Kreis Lippe

“Thanks to Raynet, we could clarify many licensing issues with which we are well prepared for our future challenges. In addition, we were able to plan our spendings in IT for the upcoming years more accurately through the revelation of all available software rights’, Tim Veers, Team Leader Information Technology

Kreis Lippe is a district in the region of Detmold in the north-east of North Rhine Westphalia with the capital Detmold. In total 16 local communities as well as diverse companies are part of the responsibility of its district. Kreis Lippe represents an important part in the economic region of Westphalia.

With more than 1.000 workplaces, Kreis Lippe manages a large number of PCs, Notebooks and many more mobile devices. In the past, independent and heterogeneous structures have developed meanwhile transparency of existing software licenses and actual use of applications were neglected.
Therefore, Kreis Lippe decided to conduct a compliance review project together with Raynet as their trusted advisor and Microsoft SAM Gold partner. With this project, Kreis Lippe wanted to be perfectly prepared for an optimized software usage and cost saving contract with their most important software vendor.

Making use of Raynet’s unique SAM toolset and the long-lasting commercial expertise in fields of software licensing for public enterprises, the project could outperform the customer’s expectations.
After the evaluation period of all inventory data, covering more than 1.000 devices, these data was compared to all commercial license verifications – leading to an initial license balance within short term.
An optimized license balance, which was able to consider usage and even future demand for every single software product was created in four additional steps. In a final discussion, the future software strategies were adapted to the actual requirements of the customer and implemented very cost-efficiently.

Customer Benefits
By this method, not only personal resources were saved. Additional efforts for software and workplace management were minimized, leading to more transparency and compliance.
The work resulted in a need-based software agreement with Microsoft, allowing Kreis Lippe to plan and manage future demands on a trustworthy information data base.

Key success factor of this project was a unique mix of software management products and services delivered by Raynet, interacting with existing customer solutions.
Moreover, an efficient teamwork within the involved employees of Kreis Lippe and Raynet contributed immensely to the successful outcome of the project.

Project overview

Customer Project
Compliance review project and demand licensing

End Customer
City Council

Public Administration


Project Period
May to June 2016

• Conducting a “Microsoft SAM Baseline” review
• Additional support in commercial contract negotiations

RaySAM by Raynet – an efficient set of tools and services

Applied Products
• RayVentory
• Third-party products

Transparency of all deployed software products by manufacturer as well as a cost-optimal outcome of contract negotiations with the manufacturer.