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Today, large organizations often have geographically distributed offices, some of them have very limited network access for logistical and security reasons.

Also the rights of works councils or data protection rules usually do not make data collection on software installations and license certificates any easier.

All these factors make it difficult for a company to provide a comprehensive license balance of all installed software applications. However, this is unavoidable if, for example, a SAM project is to be started or if a license audit is due. Especially under time pressure, many companies relapse into the manual execution of device scans, which often results in high costs and time expenditure.

Your advantages with the complete inventory solution RayVentory

Different scanning

Agent-based or agentless inventory of desktops and server systems. The portable scanner (e.g. scan via Active Directory GPO, Puppet, USB stick, …) enables the detection of unmanaged or unconnected devices.

Enables compliance for
license audits

Better preparation for license audits through accurate and up-to-date overview of software assets. Individualizations are possible to meet security requirements.

Saves time and
administrative effort

Scans can be scheduled regularly, 24/7 available. Also remote detection is possible at any time, as well as inventory of network devices.


Smart Hardware and Software Inventory

The inventory solution RayVentory provides a comprehensive hardware and software scan in your network through the use of agents or the “Zero Touch Technology”, so that the acquisition and collection of inventory data can take place quickly and reliably.

In addition, Raynet helps to overcome barriers and possible limits set by legal regulations, for example, as the user can take the initiative for the collection of his data.

RayVentory offers targeted and individual support in various areas such as preparation for upcoming audits, industry 4.0, PCI compliance, SAM and HAM integration and regular inventories.

Unified Data Concept (UDC) for intelligent data management

The integration of different data sources into the clearly arranged IT cockpit of RayVentory enables the processing and visualization of reliable data. It thus provides the essential key figures and at the same time transparency for a multitude of stakeholders, such as Compliance Managers, Risk Managers, IT Controllers, Portfolio Managers as well as Technology Managers.

RayVentory Catalog: Automatic recognition, normalization and categorization

In software recognition, the assignment of inventoried software raw data to applications is carried out. The extensive reporting of Software Recognition includes detailed information on all recognized software products including the number of installations. The report not only shows vulnerabilities and risks, but also optimization potential.

Various scanning methods for data collection

Zero Touch

The central RayVentory server connects to the target system and queries it. The data is collected and stored directly on the central server in a .ndi file.


The scan is started from a central server. The server connects to the target system and temporarily copies the scanner on it. The collected data is then stored in a .ndi file on the target system and uploaded to the central server. The scanner will then be uninstalled on the target system.


The agent (scanner) is installed on the target system and runs according to a schedule. The agent then uploads a .ndi file to the central server.


The scanner can be run from any location (intranet, USB stick, …). The collected data is stored in a .ndi file on the target system and can optionally be uploaded to the central server.

YES, WE SCAN: Oracle Java

Oracle Java is currently a very controversial topic, because from April 2019 the commercial use will be charged. What exactly does this mean for companies?

So far Oracle Java and all updates could be obtained free of charge. Future commercial use is only possible with a paid subscription. Existing installations can also only be updated with a license. Who remains on old versions is delivered by missing Security patches possible security gaps.

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