Reliable software packaging with RayPack

Create complex software deployment packages

With RayPack, professional software packaging is no longer an obstacle. RayPack acts as a framework system for the packaging and management of software packages: it supports a wide variety of package formats, operating and distribution systems. Raypack can also be used to perform all packaging operations on virtual machines.

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Your benefits:


Economic advantage

Massive cost reduction through acceleration of migration projects


Packaging made easy

Full-service editor for MSI-based package formats


Maximum compatibility

Linking to third-party solutions

Create reliable software deployment packages

Every company’s IT department is facing many changes today: Migration to Windows 11, constantly shortening release cycles, virtualization, cloud computing, bringing your own device approach and more. IT managers must therefore not only develop strategies to address these new issues, but also reduce costs and increase efficiency in all aspects of their daily work, while at the same time extending the service they provide to their end customers. With this increasing complexity, ad hoc testing, conversion and software packaging of applications are no longer appropriate methods.

RayPack allows you to remotely manage, start, stop or execute all operations of a packaging process on virtual environments such as clients and servers. With the new functionality to run a virtual packaging factory, RayPack enables different target groups, including freelancers, service providers or end customers, to realize complex packaging projects easily and efficiently with minimized time and organizational effort. The central and automated administration of virtual environments is in the focus here and offers beside the fast change of different customer environments and operating systems, a more cost-efficient and more comfortable use.

It’s a way for anyone to become a software packager

Package Store

Standardized & preconfigured software packages

  • Analyzed, packaged and quality-assured software packages at a fixed price
  • Relevant product information at a glance
  • Includes the intuitive RayPackage wizard for easy customization and configuration
  • Detailed package documentation – suitable for any software distribution solution
  • Requested products can be delivered within 10 working days
  • Direct integration in RayFlow, RayPack and RayManageSofti

With the combination of the Package Store and RayPack Studio you can now cover all software packaging scenarios.

More efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

RayPackage technology

  • Complete flexibility and high level of automation during packaging
  • Simplified software creation processes through integrated One Click Configuration
  • Processing of packages can be done without dependence on software distribution tools, as they are created generically
  • RayPackage includes different sources, formats and resources that support the installation
  • Fully integrated PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit offers custom scalability
  • Preconfigured, analyzed and distributable software packages are available from the Package Store directly or for editing


Software Packaging and Virtualization

  • Creation and fully automated publishing of Intune packages
  • Snapshot based repackaging of legacy installations
  • Direct editing of installation resources (e.g. MSI, MST)
  • Creation of non-Windows projects (macOS), virtual packages (e.g. App-V, ThinApp, SWV) and editing of MSI, MST, MSIX- and RPP project
  • AppLayering projects with PackLayering: Create, convert, edit and save application layers
  • Converting and repackaging applications
  • Deeper package knowledge through intelligent modification markup
  • Supports packager and setup designers by creating individual installation routines (silent / UI based)
  • Virtual Package Factory: Easily accessible with support for VMware ESX, VMware Workstation and Hyper-V to work in a virtual environment
  • Complete integration and creation of packages from the Package Store
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Where standard installer technology procedures fail, RayPack sets new standards. Intuitively usable wizards guide you through classic packaging tasks: from repackaging to generating Windows Installer transform files to implementing complex requirement scenarios. RayPack offers support for beginners as well as access for professionals. The RayPack components allow companies to implement well-structured processes that take over the control and execution of EALM tasks.

Realization of Citrix App Layering

Easy management of standardized packaging routines.

Automated and mass repackaging and virtualization on virtual machines.

Creation and editing of packaging projects.

Share the resources of a packaging factory with team members.

Easy management of virtual software packages.

Recording of system states for repackaging.

Individual customization of MSI-based installations.

Easily generate PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit wrappers.

Integration Package Store

RayPack provides direct access to the software packages provided in the Package Store. The available configuration options of the software packages are often sufficient to achieve the desired installation goal via deployment systems. However, if required, PackDesigner and PackRecorder provide additional modules for making advanced adjustments with minimal effort that cannot be achieved without deeper insight and/or modifications to the original resources.

Package Store

RayPack is part of:


Software evaluation


Quality check


Software packaging

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Collision and compatibility management

RayPack Studio for Quest KACE

The KACE K1000 appliance for the administration of IT networks, traditionally positioned for medium-sized businesses, will receive a professional enterprise solution from Raynet for software packaging, namely its packaging solution RayPack in the special edition RayPack for Quest KACE.

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