Package Store

Immediately available software packages – analyzed, quality-assured and distributable

Raynet’s Package Store offers pre-configured software packages. All configuration options provided by the software from the manufacturer can be easily adapted using the RayPackage configurator – even without in-depth packaging experience. In addition, the software is tested for compliance with industry best practice rules defined by Raynet:

  • Silent Install Support
  • Disable Automatic Updates
  • Suppress Reboots
  • Silent Uninstall Support
  • Disabled ARP Interaction
  • Suppress Auto Start
  • Disable SplashScreen
  • Remove Desktop Shortcuts
  • Per Machine Installation

The software packages can be purchased in the online store All options that can be configured with RayPackage are listed there. The distributable software package is generated on the basis of the selected configurations at the push of a button. A complete package documentation is automatically created for each generated software package, in which all settings are recorded.

In addition, the Package Store also provides relevant product information such as the software description, licensing, the download link of the original source, dependencies on other products, operating system compatibility, information link and much more.

RayPackage Configurator

All software configuration options can be easily selected using the intuitive RayPackage wizard. With just one click, you can generate a distributable software package and receive detailed package documentation. RayPackage is automatically included with the purchase of a package.

Try RayPackage Configurator for free: The Package Store offers three free software packages for download.

Package Store & RayPack Studio: A combination thats pays off

With progressive ideas and innovative technologies, Raynet is constantly developing solutions in the field of software packaging, which will help  enterprises to be more effective throughout the whole Application Lifecycle Management. In response, Raynet is bringing together our latest solutions and mark the beginning of a new era in Application Deployment.

The Package Store delivers Windows 10 tested, pre-confi gured and/or customized packages in any available format, and for any deployment solution. With the combination of the Package Store and RayPack Studio, you will now cover all scenarios of software packaging. The result is not only more efficient and cost-effective, but also easier than ever.

Our Package Store provides you with analyzed, packaged and quality-assured software at a fixed price. You can configure the purchased packages according to your needs using our intuitive RayPackage wizard. We offer a large package selection that includes almost every software title. If the package you are looking for is not available, you can easily request it with a form.

With RayPack Studio you are able to create intake/evaluation documentation, perform quality assurance and manage the complex process of application packaging. This overall solution supports much more than just software packaging. RayPack Studio enables the user to create intake/evaluation documentation, perform quality assurance and manage the complex process of application packaging.