Hardware and Software Inventory with RayVentory

The comprehensive solution for hardware discovery and software inventory

Our inventory solution RayVentory provides a comprehensive hardware and software scan through the use of agents or “Zero Touch Technology” in order to collect the inventory data quickly and reliably. In addition, Raynet helps to overcome barriers and possible limitations imposed by legal regulations, for example, by allowing the user to take the initiative to collect his or her own data.

Your benefits:


Various collection methods

different scanning methods for individual use

Quality Assurance Reports


customizable to specific requirements and guidelines

Software Inventory Administrative relief

Administrative relief

Schedule scans individually and execute automatically

Preparing for:

Quality Assurance Reports


Software Inventory SAM Integration

SAM Integration

Software Inventory HAM Integration

HAM Integration

Software Inventory Administrative relief

Regular inventory

PCI Compliance

PCI compliance

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Use Cases

Scanning Infrastructure

RayVentory provides intelligent scanning and data collection of physical and virtual devices at low cost, followed by comprehensive reporting on hardware, software, VMware, Hyper-V and Oracle database servers.

RayVentory also helps to overcome barriers and possible limitations imposed by regulatory requirements, for example, by allowing users to take the initiative to collect their own data.

Scanning Methods

Software Inventory Zero Touch

Zero Touch Technology

The central RayVentory server connects to the target system and queries it. The data is collected and stored directly on the central server in a .ndi file.

Software Inventory Portable


The scanner can be run from any location (intranet, USB stick, …). The collected data is stored in a .ndi file on the target system and can optionally be uploaded to the central server.

Software Inventory Remote


The scan is started from a central server. The server connects to the target system and temporarily copies the scanner on it. The collected data is then stored in a .ndi file on the target system and uploaded to the central server. The scanner will then be uninstalled on the target system.

Software Inventory agent based

Agent based

The agent (scanner) is installed on the target system and runs according to a schedule. The agent then uploads a .ndi file to the central server.

RayVentory Advanced

RayVentory Advanced is an extension module of RayVentory and enables the assignment of inventoried software raw data to an application.

Software detection

      • Integration of database objects in the corresponding inventory solution
      • Software of all relevant devices is determined and buffered within a single run

Product recognition

      • Regular updating and definition of product identification
      • Inventory data of all customers are regularly compared with the updated product catalogue


      • The result of the software evaluation contains information about the software manufacturer, the product version and edition, the license type as well as upgrade and downgrade options.
      • The evaluation provides an inventory overview of the software and hardware components used

RayVentory in combination with SmartTrack from Aspera:


RaySAMi – Integrated Software License Management

      • Enables one-touch compliance, cost allocations, workflows and optimization
      • Cloud or On-Premise Installation
      • Enables data quality management
      • Clear Dashboard and KPI Monitoring
      • Offers software and asset management

Software and Hardware Inventory

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