Comprehensive IT Management and Monitoring, even on the High Seas

Raynet is able to ensure the smooth management of the IT infrastructure of the vessels of D/S NORDEN with limited network availability and by automating many manual tasks.

The Customer
Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S (commonly abbreviated NORDEN) is one of Denmark’s oldest Danish shipping companies, founded in 1871. NORDEN operates a mix of owned and chartered dry cargo and product tanker vessels on a global scale. The company is one of the largest operators within the Supramax and Panamax vessel types and operates a total of app. 275 vessels including close to 40 product tankers. NORDEN has its head office in Hellerup, north of Copenhagen, Denmark and offices in Singapore, Shanghai, Annapolis, Rio de Janeiro, Mumbai, Santiago and Melbourne. At its offices NORDEN has in total 300 employees and about 650 are employed on the company’s owned vessels.

The Challenge
With many vessels active around the globe, NORDEN’s challenge is to manage their on-board infrastructure comprising racks, UPS, servers and workstations – whether docked or at sea.

The objectives are to actively monitor and manage these devices with a single dashboard gaining an improved overview of the on-board IT equipment. Due to limited connectivity of the vessels` network, traffic must be kept to an absolute minimum and must be supported by caching in times of disconnect. Extra caution is needed to insure no bottle necks arise during connection times with large cached data. Data being communicated bi-directional must adhere to strict compression algorithms to avoid unneeded usage.

The Solution
First step in managing the IT assets for NORDEN was to install and configure the RMSi central administration server. In order to discover and inventory all servers and workstations on each vessel with this server, the second step was to install on each vessel one distribution server, which can be a server or workstation. These distribution servers will locally manage the deployment of software to the clients and report back to the central administration server.

With this solution, all IT assets of NORDEN’s vessels can be managed centrally. The intelligent bandwidth management between the central administration server and the distribution server enables the smooth deployment of software packages as well as updates and security patches even with limited bandwidth. The technology of byte level differentiation used by RayManageSofti results in the significant reduction of network traffic. The real-time reporting gives an overview of the IT infrastructure at any time.

“The solution that we developed together with Raynet and the inventory and deployment tool RayManageSofti creates transparency and all functions necessary for the management of our IT infrastructure.”
Peter Harslev, Project Manager of Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S

The Customer Advantages
The automation of several manual tasks results in a significant reduction of system management costs and travel expenses of NORDEN employees to the respective vessels. In addition, RayManageSofti increases the stability of the whole IT infrastructure by pro-actively and constantly monitoring the current status of hardware and software.

With Raynet`s RayManageSofti, NORDEN is able to centrally manage its whole fleet within the shortest amount of time and independent of the vessels` current locations. The Return on Investment is reached within the first year. “The reliable and very efficient cooperation between NORDEN and Raynet also contributed to the successful realization of the project on time”, says Andreas Gieseke, Director SAM at Raynet and project manager.


> Dampskibsselskabet Norden A/S was founded in 1871 and is thus one of the oldest shipping companies in Denmark

> The company is one of the largest operators within Supramax and Panamax ship types and operates a total of approx. 275 vessels, including almost 40 product tankers

> NORDEN has more than 950 employees and had a turnover of 2.131 billion US dollars in 2012