Health Insurance

“Together with Raynet, we have succeeded in creating transparency for the use of our software products while at the same time achieving cost advantages in the context of our contract negotiations with a large software producer”.

Quote of the customer’s head of IT

The customer
The company counts among the occupational health insurances and serves more than 500.000 insured nationwide.

The challenge
For the annual meeting with the software producer, one should ideally be optimally prepared. As company’s health insurance fund with several hundred workstations, there are many challenges to face in software management, especially when IT infrastructures are growing over the years. To manage and maintain requires many internal resources.

This has prompted the company to conduct a compliance assessment together with Raynet as reliable partner.

The solution
With Raynets unique set of tool-based data collection and analysis as well as the commercial expertise for the special conditions of the licensing law in the public sector, the project was successfully implemented.

In the first an inventory of the system landscape was carried out in which inventory data of more than 1,000 devices was read, using the RayVentory solution. Throughout this procedure the commercial license certificates could also be processed.

As a result, a full licensing balance was drawn up, which took account of the use and future needs of each software product. The complete set-up took place in only 5 days. The actual needs of the customer were implemented in the final report and could then be used for the contract negotiations with the software producer.

The customer benefits
The implementation of the project enabled transparency and legal certainty to deal with software, which had a sustainable, future-oriented effect and minimized the license management costs for the following years. In addition, the customer was not only able to avoid additional personnel expenses, but also considerable software costs.

The decisive factor for the project success was the cooperation of the customer and the successful coordination of all persons involved.

RayPack Studio

Customer Project
SAM Baseline – Establishing compliance and legal certainty

End Customer
Occupational health-insurance

Health & Insurance

More than 1.000

Project Period
April to May 2016


  • Establish a license balance for alarge software producer
  • Support contract negotiations

RaySAM der Raynet – an efficient set of tools and services

Applied Products

  • RayVentory

Transparency of all the software products used by the producer as well as a cost-effective negotiation result for the contract negotiations with the producer.