RayPack - Software Packaging

Top Benefits

Economical Advantage Guaranteed

  • Fair pricing policy with irresistible offers for early birds & migrations
  • Substantially accelerated migration projects reduce costs
  • Know-how conservation & transfer in single-source project files

Packaging as easy as 1-2-3

  • Repackaging with the fastest capture-engine on the market
  • Full-service editor for MSI-based package formats
  • Generation of classic (e.g. MSI, MST, MSP) and virtual package formats (e.g. App-V, ThinApp, SWV)
  • Support for Universal and Modern Applications (AppX wrapping)
  • Intelligent modification markup enhance the packaging experience

Minimal Setup Time

  • Maximal scalability of packaging infrastructure
  • Intuitive usability provided by our highly modern user interface
  • Profile-based settings for task-specific standards

End-to-end Application Lifecycle Management

  • Fully integrated within the Unified Data Concept (UDC) of RaySuite
  • Sustainable productivity in durable IT landscapes
  • Comfortable interconnections to typical third-party solutions for inventory,asset analysis and software deployment

RayPack Feature highlights 4.1

  • Support for deployment systems RayManageSoft/SCCM
  • Scanning projects for the presence of Merge Modules
  • Support for RayFlow file depots
  • Windows Installer help in table view
  • Create a backup of RPP projects before saving

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PackBench Feature highlights

  • Integration into RayFlow
  • Reports for Runs
  • Configure your tools
  • Customize your tools on workflow basis
  • Configurable icons for projects, workflows, and tools
  • Tools library is now presented in the dashboard
  • Edit custom variables directly
  • Command line support
  • Configure the editing possibilities of a workflow to fit your specific needs

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Packaging for a WISEr generation

The software packaging solution RayPack enables packaging and re-packaging of software applications. With RayPack, creation and editing of classic software package formats such as MSI, MST and MSP as well as virtual package formats, e.g. App-V, ThinApp and SWV is as easy as 1-2-3. Discover the alternative solution the packaging world has been waiting for.

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Raynet is the service provider with the most certified trainers and packagers worldwide. The experience gained over the past decades from hundreds of successful projects, trainings, and packaging factory implementations is all molded into RayPack. Therefore, the main mission of RayPack is to support professional packagers in operating their packaging projects successfully and efficiently. When Windows Installer procedures reach their limitations, RayPack is ready to raise the bar. Intuitive wizards guide the user through classical packaging tasks – beginning with repackaging, then moving on to the generation of Windows Installer Transform files, and finally coping with the realization of complex packaging requirements. Our framework simultaneously provides novice support with the help of visual interface elements and wizards, and the means to master advanced levels of packaging.

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In order to manage these processes

RayPack utilises integrated framework components along with external connectors, which enable interoperability with market-leading workflow, software deployment and data storage systems. Despite its stand-alone usability, RayPack is fully integrated within RaySuite, Raynet’s suite of Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management products (see below). RaySuite delivers all the required lifecycle tools embedded into the central workflow management system RayFlow. RayFlow encompasses highly specialized applications for the successful completion of inventory, evaluation, packaging, compatibility assessment, quality assurance, and the final deployment of software packages.

Best-Practice-Workflow for Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management

Enterprise Application Lifecycle Mangement