Raynet transfers new knowledge and practical experience

The RayAcademy offers a whole variety of valuable knowledge sessions to keep and improve the competitive capacity of an organization, since this depends significantly on the know-how of the employees and their development.  As a full service provider for learning and training Raynet develops and adapts state of art scenarios and accompany your value adding design for your own enterprise education management.

The RayAcademy’s modular training services enclose the complete qualification process and performance components that are relevant for training and learning purposes for your individual situation to meet the enterprise goals.

Our first-class trainings are tailored to our customer’s needs and are being  permenantly updated. Current software releases are being used and adjusted to changing requirements. Jointly with experienced project managers and a large network of partners and trainers Raynet has built a high degree of competence in the development of new topics and adapting them to customer needs.

Come and profit from our experience and knowledge in our open trainings, or from a special adaption for your company!

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Did you know...

...  that Raynet offers multi-lingual trainings all around the world?

...  that Raynet offers the world's first and unique training of Software Management and Packaging Consultants?

...  that Raynet is a certified training partner for Symantec and Microsoft?

Why RayAcademy?​

  • We provide trainings for all Raynet and partner products and services within the Application Lifecycle Management
  • We offer the world’s first and unique training program to become a specialist in software management and software packaging
  • We guarantee a maximum of applicability for the job
  • Raynet employs the highest number of trainers in the area of software management
  • Get Raynet-Certified! Make the difference with profound knowledge and substantial experience!