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Join Raynet at live webinars to learn and share the latest information about Software Management, Software Packaging, and Software Asset Management. We also offer tailored live webinars about our products and services.

Live webinars:

Unified Endpoint Management mit RayManageSoft UEM

In our webinar, our experts will explain the latest challenges and most common use cases around the big topic of Unified Endpoint Management and show you in a live demo how RayManageSoft UEM can help you manage all endpoints across every device type on one central platform.

German: Tuesday, 05.10.2021 | 10:00 – 11:00 AM (CEST)

English: Tuesday, 05.10.2021 | 16:00 – 17:00 PM (CEST)


RayPack Studio 7.0

The rapid development of new technologies, increasing demands on IT infrastructure and the high demand for remote working capacities pose great challenges for many companies, especially in the area of software packaging and virtualization.

With the release of RayPack Studio 7.0, we deliver revolutionary innovations and features, coupled with a unique and intuitive user experience, to make your daily work in enterprise software packaging even more efficient and successful than ever.

Recording (German)

Recording (English)

Technology Asset Inventory

RayVentory 12.2 combines cutting-edge technologies with a unique user experience, providing the market with an intuitive interaction of three components that enable customers and prospects to effectively manage data with the highest data quality.

Raynet’s experts will demonstrate all the new features and components of version 12.2 in an exclusive live webinar.

Recording (German)

Recording (English)

Webinar – Technology Asset Inventory

Raynets experts will show you how RayVentory is already mastering current and future challenges in the area of technology asset inventory.


  • Data Quality
  • Bring Your Own License
  • Cloud Environments
  • Container Technology
  • OT / IoT

  • AI Scan
  • Asset Tagging
  • Data Hub
  • Decentral Scan Engine
  • Scan Technologies

Recording Webinar (German)

Recording Webinar (English)


Exclusive live webinar with Gartner

Why should companies pay more attention to hardware discovery and software inventory than before?

Gartner analyst Roger Williams explains in a one-hour webinar the importance of this topic from the perspective of the world’s largest company for market research results and analysis of developments in IT. The following topics will also be discussed in the exclusive live webinar::

  • What does Discovery and Inventory Management imply for companies?
  • Where do the typical challenges currently lie and what challenges will we face in the future?

Webinar – RayVentory 12.0

In our RayVentory Webinar our experts will present you the new features and components of version 12.0.

The release of RayVentory 12.0 includes valuable components that redefine the entire field of discovery and inventory management: Unified Data Concept for intelligent data management and RayVentory Catalog, which provides much more information than traditional technology catalogs.

With the new elements, Raynet sets new standards in the field of software inventory management and raises it to a new level.

Webinar – RayPack Studio 6.3

Watch our RayPack Studio webinar to learn everything you need to know about the new features and functions of version 6.3. Besides intelligent automatisms and an enormous increase in performance, the release focuses on the following feature highlights:

  • Realization of app layering projects with RayPack Studio
  • Support for the latest features of the Windows 10 May 2020 Update
  • Full integration of the latest MSIX functions
  • Get ready for MSIX app attach: The future of application deployment in virtual environments

Webinar – Data Management

The amount of hardware and software in companies is constantly growing and creating a seemingly unmanageable mass of data. In this webinar the experts from Aspera und Raynet answer all questions about data management with the focus on:
  • Identify immediate savings in your software portfolio
  • Get an overview of SaaS applications usage
  • Uncover security gaps and vulnerabilities automatically
  • We provide you with transparency in managing your data

Webinar – RayPack Studio 6.2

Here you can find the video recordings of our RayPack Studio Webinar.

Our experts will guide you through the software packaging solution and explain the advantages and innovations of version 6.2.

Webinar – RaySuite Appliance 2.0

Here you can find the video recordings of our RaySuite Appliance 2.0 Webinar.

Our experts will guide you through the solution and explain the advantages of version 2.0 and innovations for professional Client Management.

Webinar – RayVentory 11.3

Here you can find the video recordings of our RayVentory 11.3 Webinar.

Our experts will guide you through the solution and explain the advantages of version 11.3 and innovations for a comprehensive hardware and software scan.

Webinar – Package Store

Attend this live webinar to learn about the many possibilities of our Package Store.

Webinar – RayPack Studio 5.1

Here you can find the video recordings of our RayPack Studio Webinar.

RayPack Studio includes powerful software solutions with a large number of features that automate and accelerate holistic packaging projects.

Webinar RayPack for KACE

In our live webinar, we are going to show you RayPack for Dell KACE in action and in moreover, we show you how you can receive a free version to try out for one year. We lead you through this software packaging solution and explain all the advantages.

Webinar – Migration to Windows 10 easy as 1-2-3

Application Readiness, Collision and Compatibility Management

Our experts will show you how to realize the best possible preparation for your migration to Windows 10 in a very short time. Ask about your benefits and added value that offers our proven 7-step method Dirroci.