Modern Endpoint Managament

RayManagSoft Unified Endpoint Manager (RMS UEM) is Raynet's answer to modern endpoint management. We consider laptops, desktops and mobile devices managed from one console.

Manage every endpoint

Companies are increasingly reaching their limits when it comes to managing software or operating systems. As times change, modern endpoints are becoming constant companions for employees in companies. According to the motto Bring Your Own Device, private devices are increasingly being used in companies. This presents companies with major challenges in terms of data security.

To protect company data from unauthorized access, data traffic from the company to the device, as well as data located directly on the device, must be protected.

Meaningful Reports and Analysis

RayManageSoft UEM offers meaningful report and alert options which can be extended on request.

dual control principle

Personal data is protected by the dual control principle in that user-relevant data can only be viewed after two passwords have been entered.

GPS information and Alert

GPS information and Alert give an exact documentation of the different whereabouts, provide a very high level of security in case of the loss of a device, and protect confidential company data.

In-house and cloud based Mobile Management Solution

To configure and manage any smartphone or tablet, RayManageSoft UEM offers an EMM server which allows an inhouse or cloud based access.

Intuitive Console

Customers are able to use the software by the intuitive operable management console to manage any devices centrally. The user interface offers the user/operator an extremely interactive platform to handle the Mobile Device Management.

RayManageSoft UEM transforms your data into visual results

From the use case perspective, Raynet supports its clients in endpoint management (client, server, IoT,…), mobile devices management, software & OS deployment, patch & security management, vulnerability management, and inventory management.

A central platform

RayManageSoft UEM provides a centralized platform for the installation of the company’s individual applications on various endpoints. New apps can be installed on all devices in real time with just one click. Through our management console, enterprise apps are installed in no time or unwanted apps are blocked via whitelisting or blacklisting.

End of Life & daily updated vulnerability information

Software packaging and software deployment

Azure AD integration

Configuration of policies for WiFi, VPN and APN

Analyzed, quality assured & deployable software packages

Inventory of
Hardware & Software


Security and control of corporate data and apps through isolation on mobile devices

Encrypted messaging container for eMail, calendar and contacts (BYOD)

ContentBox for iOS, Android, Windows & OSX

Enterprise App Store

Configure policies for email, Exchange Active Sync, CalDav, subscribed calendars, and WebClip


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