USU and Raynet Deepen Strategic Partnership for IT Service Management

Raynet and the USU Group have been partners in IT service management (ITSM) for more than one year. Both companies decided to deepen and strategically focus their partnership and signed the respective agreements on the occasion of USU World, the annual USU Group conference ( in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart.

As OEM partner, USU will integrate Raynet’s “RayVentory” product in their USU Valuemation ( ITSM suite. RayVentory ( provides a permanent inventory of the components in an IT infrastructure. The technical data are processed in the Valuemation modules for asset management, configuration management (CMDB) and software license management and enriched with commercial data to provide a complete and up-to-date picture of the IT infrastructure.

This improves the quality of the CMDB data and helps companies comply with legal regulations such as meeting software manufacturers’ licensing requirements. Above all, however, the comprehensive solution also offers financial benefits: It can be used for inventory reconciliation with all of the CMDB data or comparing software licenses in use with purchased licenses, for example. This allows companies to discover any over-licensing (purchase of too many licenses) or under-licensing (potential penalties). It also provides essential information for administrators, IT managers and business managers for investment and planning purposes.

“RayVentory records the necessary data using network agents and with zero touch technology. It also allows for manual entries to be made in certain cases,” says Ragip Aydin, Managing Partner of Raynet GmbH. “We believe that this will allow us to provide our partner with a mature software product and reliable components for their USU Valuemation solution. But we also want to take further steps with USU and expand in the area of license management, in particular, with USU’s subsidiary, Aspera. This offers clear advantages for our joint customers.”

“We can complement our ITSM portfolio in the areas of discovery and inventory with the Raynet applications. This allows us to bundle established solutions with the competences of two successful German software companies. We are already offering an integrated overall solution for the entire service asset management life cycle from a single source,” says Peter Stranjeck, Director of USU AG, emphasizing the appeal of the joint offer.

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