Raynet Inc. Accelerates IoT Discovery with enhanced features

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New Advanced Features Bolster Raynet’s Flagship
Deep Discovery Solution: RayVentory

Paderborn DE/SCHAUMBURG, IL – Raynet Inc. the leading provider of Application and Asset Lifecycle Management today announced a new enterprise feature suite positioned at the rapidly growing Software Asset Management (SAM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) market.

What is your company’s position? Are you over licensed? Under licensed? Compliant?

“Today more than ever enterprise companies are coming to realize the challenges they face with compliance and corporate governance” said Ragip Aydin, Raynet founder and managing director. “The potential financial penalties from pending audits from the major software publishers far outpace the costs of being compliant.” Aydin added.

Many enterprise companies think they know where they are with regards to their licensing agreements with their software vendors but in reality many gaps often exist in the knowledge base about software usage and even about how many licenses exist. Many organizations find themselves developing their own home grown tools to try and get their arms around the constant growth and change of their IT landscape. There is a better way, Raynet’s 15 year history of innovation in Application and Asset Lifecycle Management has resulted in solutions like the RayVentory the enterprise deep discovery and inventory solution.

“The internet of things, and cloud computing have made asset inventory and management another degree more difficult” said Dave Bowser Raynet’s CTO. “Transient cloud instances, bring your own license, mobility, and new approaches like OpenStack have thrown the compliance custodians a real curve ball.”

Announcing – Remote Inventory for Unixoid (RIU)
RIU represents a breakthrough in true agentless deep discovery. In today’s world of uncertainty, introducing new technologies which traverse the entire network to perform discovery and inventory presents a major security risk. The IT asset teams’ charter of discovery and compliance routinely conflicts with the network and security teams’ charter of implementing the strictest of standards to avoid a breach. The new RayVentory feature set RIU addresses these challenges by implementing a Truly Agentless Discovery capability. RIU augments RayVentory by completing its discovery tasks without writing or leaving behind temporary files, without compromising data integrity, accuracy, or performance.

The new RIU features have already been implemented by major enterprise companies employing some of the industry’s most stringent PCI security standards.

Announcing – OpenStack Inventory (OSI)
One thing all companies can be certain of is that their information will long outlast the infrastructure it is hosted on. The ever changing accelerated pace of hardware componentry and the software technologies to make it work add to the increasing challenge of discovery and compliance.

The release of OSI positions RayVentory at the forefront of innovation and answers the call of companies whom have adopted the OpenStack approach to virtualizing their infrastructure. RayVentory supports all of the virtualization solutions with exceptional Discovery for VMware and Hyper-V. Your compliance position does not change with OpenStack. OSI allows you to enjoy the same robust Enterprise class features, only now for OpenStack.

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