Raynet and Flexera dissolve partnership

Raynet GmbH in Paderborn (Germany) and Flexera Software LLC dissolved their partnership on May 19, 2014, with regard to the sale and support of Flexera products by Raynet. Existing contracts will be honored until their terms conclude. As a result, customers with FlexNet Manager and/or AdminStudio products may be affected.

The end of the partnership was preceded by unsuccessful rounds of negotiations in which Raynet had sought to carry Flexera Software products not only in their original form, as already provided by Flexera.
Rather, the Paderborn solutions provider, as part of the Application LifeCycle Management of companies, has long pursued a holistic approach in which all stages, from the installation to the uninstallation of software in the license management, as part of a rollout, are already automatically provided with a uniform user interface and a central database. Instead of expensive in-house developments, Raynet had wanted to integrate Flexera software products into its approach – and failed, because of the desire for autonomy and the marketing considerations of its partner. “We would have liked to have joined forces in favor of an early deployment in the market,” said Ragip Aydin, Managing Partner of Raynet GmbH, “But ultimately, we have to accept the decision of our partner to not bring its tools to Raynet’s approach. Therefore, we have accepted the drawback in timing and created modern, highly innovative solutions for this purpose.”
With the participation of customers and experienced staff, Raynet’s in-house developments, which have now been completed under the name RaySuite, have  resulted in modern, high-performance products for software packaging, software deployment, quality assurance and license management – and that, in the end, renders the partnership obsolete.
First of all, this does not signify any change for all of the customers who have purchased Flexera software products from Raynet, as all current contracts shall continue to be serviced and supported by Raynet. As soon as the contracts expire, however, Raynet will offer customers a modern, cost-effective alternative for a switch to Raynet products and thus create the possibility not only of changing the specific product but, overall, introducing a long-term unified approach to lifecycle management in companies. To do this Raynet is starting the project for trouble-free migration to Raynet products before operations conclude and is providing training for employees.
Raynet GmbH’s approach is a lucrative and exciting solution for businesses, as it brings significant cost savings and, thanks to its modern approach, also brings performance enhancements in quality and lead times. Held only a few weeks ago, the European roadshow announcing the RayPack packaging solution not only had a positive response but also led to more than 300 registrations for the use of the Paderborn Software. Building on this success, Raynet is now planning a roadshow for the United States in late summer as there is likely to be even higher interest here due to the high number of installations of Flexera products. The latter in particular also in view of the fact that customers in the United Stated who have already been serviced have declared a high level of satisfaction with the Raynet products – ironically with projects that Flexera had been involved in.
Ragip Aydin, Managing Partner of Raynet GmbH said: “On the one hand, we regret the end of a very friendly and successful partnership which we did not want to see end. On the other hand, we had to respect our partner’s choices, and so we have dug deep into our pockets in order to be able to offer our own comprehensive advanced solution and innovative technology. Flexera has contributed to that with the transfer of their former EDS/ManageSoft software as part of this process, but in the end could not bring themselves to also introduce other products to our approach, so that ultimately the basis of our the partnership was lost. As a result, however, this opens up a unique opportunity for our customers to implement a cutting-edge, long-term approach in their company at a one-time introductory price, which on the one hand is open to third-party solutions and on the other hand through uniformity and centralization leads to synergy effects for the customer.”