Portfolio analysis and optimization for hardware and software

The perfect solution for increased transparency in a complex IT landscape

Data management is becoming even more important nowadays. Due to the digitilization of business processes, the increasing demands on corporate IT departments and a variety of hardware and software applications, the IT infrastructure of a company is subject to a constant growth.

Experience has shown that the complexity of the entire IT infrastructure, the associated effort for those responsible and the resulting costs have increased for companies. Therefore, it is helpful to support the internal IT department with these requirements. With our unique portfolio analysis and optimization, we offer companies the perfect solution for creating more transparency in a complex IT landscape and subsequently, highlighting unnecessary cost drivers.

Hardware Discovery

Gain a comprehensive view of your IT landscape

By recording all IP devices in the network, a high level of transparency is achieved, which offers a holistic view of the IT infrastructure. This device list serves as a prerequisite for a complete software inventory.

Your benefits:

  • Transparency regarding actually active devices
  • Holistic view of the infrastructure for portfolio optimization and the prerequisite for a complete inventory

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Software Inventory

Receive an up-to-date overview of your software assets

By using the so-called „Zero Touch Technology“ or an agent, a comprehensive software scan is done, which not only achieves a high inventory rate but also a high data quality. This data serves as an information source for further systems such as CMDB, software asset management solutions, etc. and for software recognition. The list of the software raw inventory contains the number of all installations as well as the versions.

Your benefits:

  • Fast and reliable collection of inventory data through various inventory methods (zero touch, remote, portable, agent based)
  • Information source for further systems (CMDB, SAM, etc.)
  • Basis for software recognition
  • Software Metering – Analysis of  software usage

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Software Recognition

Automatic recognition, normalization and categorization of your software

Software recognition consists of the assignment of inventoried raw software data to applications. The comprehensive software recognition reporting includes detailed information on all recognized software products including the number of installations. The report not only shows vulnerabilities and risks, but at the same time also shows optimization potential, as it includes, for example, installation diversity and identical core functionality.

Your benefits:

  • Basis for software rationalization
  • Detection of malware, vulnerabilities, risks & security gaps
  • Advanced software information, such as business function, release and EOL data, license classification and CVE vulnerabilities
  • Optimization potential (installation diversity, identical core functions, etc.)

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Software Rationalization

Optimize your portfolio without any losses

We will give you a concrete recommendation for action with regard to cleaning up the software landscape, while taking into account the software strategy. This includes not only the demonstration of version diversity, but also a detailed description of the software alternatives, considering critical and economic aspects. This results in an understandable rationalization, which makes redundant software versions, languages and functions visible at a glance.

Your benefits:

  • Reduction of software license costs
  • Reduction of operating costs due to consolidation of version diversity
  • Reduce software deployment costs for migrations
  • Basis for the definition of your standard shopping cart

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