Development in the area of system and software management

Benefit from over 20 years of experience from packager for packager

Raynet is not a classical development shop where you could order any kind of software

In development as well, Raynet focusses on system and software management, since this is where we are good in and where we want to be the best. That is, why for a very long time, Raynet has built its own tools, very comfortable and specifically developed for this area. However, we never sold them. We were focused on our services business and have used the tools to ease the work of our consultants and engineers. So we have gained even more expertise, insight and experience in hundreds of customer projects. With this knowledge on board, we have re-worked the tools we developed and have made them robust, reliable and very practical and ease to use software, which today can be used by everybody.

Application Management Tools

Nowadays, our products have been streamlined and all enjoy just one, comprehensive and unified human interface. And they enjoy just one, central repository where all data is being stored, for use by anybody involved, no matter whether that is in an early purchase phase of software or during a sunset phase. Our products are harmonized and come as a product family named RaySuite, but can also be used as separate modules. And we have never made a closed shop, we have been and will always remain to be open for best-of-breed products, which we integrate as best as we can and are allowed to do.

}Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management Workflow

Customer Environment Connectors

Next to our tools –RaySuite- we have done additional development for clients. Mainly, that was to ease their daily work by connecting into products supporting the next steps in their process organizations, e.g. such as connectors into IBM’s Tivoli, Microsoft’s SCCM or Symantec’s CMS tools.

Individual Development

If you have an individual challenge to be supported by software in the areas of system and software management, please do not hesitate to contact Raynet and ask for our development services.