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Software Packaging and Virtualization

  • Reliable detection based on snapshots before and after installation of applications
  • Creation of project files in various available formats for later editing (MSI, MST, MSP, and MSIX)
  • Creation of virtual packages (App-V, ThinApp, XenApp & SWV)
  • Support of third-party projects and universal apps (APPX)
  • Creation of non-Windows projects (macOS)
  • Editing function for packaging projects allows clean and efficient editing of packages
  • Converting and repackaging applications for Windows 10 APPX/UWP format
  • Integration in RayFlow enables opening of MSI, RPP and MST files out of RayFlow as well as saving the work results
  • PackBench: Easy management of standardized packaging routines
  • App-V Manager: Easy management of virtual software packages
  • Integration Package Store: Direct access to all software packages from the Package Store
  • PackBot: Automated and controlled repackaging and virtualization of software packages in mass processing on virtual machines
  • PackWrapper: Easily generate PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit wrappers
  • Virtual Package Factory: Easy access with support for VMware ESX, VMware Workstation and Hyper-V enables to work in a virtual environment