The software catalogue with added value

Automated assignment of raw data to applications with important information such as manufacturer, product categorization, licenses, vulnerabilities and much more

Automatic recognition, normalization and categorization

In software recognition, the assignment of inventoried software raw data to applications is carried out. The extensive reporting of Software Recognition includes detailed information on all recognized software products including the number of installations. The report not only shows vulnerabilities and risks, but also optimization potential, as it includes, for example, installation diversity, identical core functionality, etc.

Software detection

  • Integration of database objects in the corresponding inventory solution
  • Software of all relevant devices is determined and buffered within a single run

Product recognition

  • Regular updating and definition of product identification
  • Inventory data of all customers are regularly compared with the updated product catalogue


  • The result of the software evaluation contains information about the software manufacturer, the product version and edition, the license type as well as upgrade and downgrade options
  • The evaluation provides an inventory overview of the software and hardware components used

RayVentory offers security through NIST and CIS conformity

RayVentory not only successfully covers the CIS Control main topics “Inventory and Control of Hardware Assets” and “Inventory and Control of Software Assets”, but also has an interface to the NIST database, which provides important information for vulnerability and risk management.

Security gaps and vulnerabilities can be automatically detected and displayed in an optimized form. Through the daily updated queries of the NIST database, companies always receive up-to-date data and detailed information to eliminate the vulnerabilities.

Through a comprehensive hardware and software scan of the entire network, inventory data is quickly and reliably captured and collected so that the raw data can be processed and enriched in the next step. Raw data thus turns into applications and contains more detailed information about the software manufacturer, product version and edition, license type, vulnerabilities and risks as well as upgrade and downgrade options.

The processed inventory overview of the software and hardware components used can be processed, normalized and visualized through a direct interface to the central data hub of RayVentory.

The security gaps and vulnerabilities can be easily displayed as desired by an integrated designer. Whether the data is visualized in dashboards or reports, with pie charts or tables, with filter or drilldown functions, each company decides individually. This preparation not only provides the IT infrastructure with complete transparency of the data, but also enables various steakholders to derive high-quality information, which is a prerequisite for making well-founded decisions.

Determine your IT landscape with the intelligent hardware and software inventory solution RayVentory

The inventory solution RayVentory provides a comprehensive hardware and software scan in your network through the use of agents or the “Zero Touch Technology”, so that the acquisition and collection of inventory data can take place quickly and reliably.

In addition, Raynet helps to overcome barriers and possible limits set by legal regulations, for example, as the user can take the initiative for the collection of his data.

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