RayVentory Feature Highlights 11.2
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More intelligent, more powerful and more performant
The reliable result of continuous new development and enhancements

Today’s release of RayVentory Portal 11.2 introduces new innovative features. Besides many new automatisms you get an enormous performance increase and thus a time saving, which extends over the entire inventory process.

Now automated: Import Oracle Connections
Starting with the new version, the user can import Oracle connections directly from the tnsnames.ora file. Thanks to this feature, Oracle connections no longer have to be maintained manually.

Simple integration of user-defined plug-ins
RayVentory Portal now supports the integration and execution of user-defined and customer-specific plug-ins. Thanks to this feature, RayVentory is now infinitely extensible. The plugins are placed in the appropriate folder and executed automatically, regardless of the remote execution method selected.

Tagging of inventory files
It is now possible to add metadata to each inventory file. The data is configured globally in the RayVentory Portal settings. This feature helps to track the origin of inventories and give an overview of who scanned which devices on which network. In decentralized and independent customer environments, this makes work much easier.

Define inventory jobs by IP addresses
When configuring a scheduled inventory job, it is now possible to specify the IP address or regular expression pattern for an IP address, so that certain device/IP address ranges are whitelisted or blacklisted for a scheduled scan.

RayVentory Feature Highlights 11.2

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