RayVentory Portal creates transparency for the entire IT landscape

The new RayVentory Portal 11.1 for intelligent hardware discovery and software inventory not only impresses with its new user interface, but also with its powerful functions and unbeatable ease of use.

With the intelligent RayVentory Portal solution, we offer you a portable application for centralized and decentralized scanning and capturing of all data in the IT landscape.

Also specialized in scanning operating systems and Oracle databases, VMware vSphere/ESX and SNMP, the RayVentory Portal with its countless inventory methods (agent-based, agentless, Zero Touch) provides a solution that leaves no device or software undiscovered.

Next generation user interface
The intuitive user interface guarantees simple usability without any previous knowledge. The structured design contains many new dialogs that make the user’s work easier and new wizards for the one-time, regular or automated hardware discovery and software inventory that guide him comfortably through all common tasks.

Integrated reporting
The new integrated basic reporting already provides a lot of information on all assets in the RayVentory Portal. All inventory data, devices and services stored in the database can be displayed at a glance.

Various inventory methods
RayVentory Portal supports various scanning methods with multiple configuration options: Zero touch, agentless (remote, portable) and agent-based. The flexible inventory methods offer the possibility to react to any customer requirements, especially with regard to security restrictions and still provide full transparency of the entire IT landscape.

Integrated HTTP server replaces countless distribution servers
The integrated HTTP upload server uploads inventoried asset data to the administration server for subsequent analysis and reporting. The service is fully compatible with the existing RayVentory infrastructure.

Intelligent automatisms take over the inventory process
The integrated task scheduler automates the entire inventory process and routine procedures to a high degree: from discovery to inventory up to the upload to the administration server, all work steps can be planned and scheduled so that manual intervention is no longer necessary.

Advanced Active Directory import
With the extended import of the Active Directory (AD) it is possible to perform an even faster and more secure discovery of AD devices without unnecessary network traffic.

Without UI by using PowerShell module
Routine procedures such as inventory, discovery or uploading can now be scripted using the new PowerShell module. All operations are automatically performed by the PowerShell Automation API.

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