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Core functionality
Feature Feature description
DHCP Discovery Device discovery based on DHCP
Network discovery Device dicovery based on a network scan
Service Discovery Service discovery (Database services, VMWare, …)
Oracle Discovery Discovery of unknown Oracle instances
Multi Operating system support (Client inventory) Inventory of Microsoft, Linux and Macintosh devices
Multi Operating system support (Server inventory) Inventory of Microsoft, Linux and UNIX devices
Network device inventory Inventory of IP network devices that are available via SNMP
Hyper-V inventoy Inventory of Hyper-V
VMWare Inventory Inventory of VMWare
SW Metering Detection of SW usage
File Scan Inventory of file information
Custom inventory Executing scripts to collect custom-specific information
General Asset tagging Provision of non-scanable information (e.g. Location, Organization)
Internet based inventory Inventory and upload via Internet
Data encyption Encryption of security related information
Scan configuration Adjust the data that should be collected
OpenStack Inventory Inventory of OpenStack
Oracle Inventory Inventory of Oracle database
Advanced Oracle inventory Execution of the Review Lite and Database Feature Usage Statistics Script
Dependency Scan Scan of network dependencies
Agent based scanning Agent based scanning
Remote scanning Remote initiation of the scan and local execution
Zero Touch Scanning 100% Remote Scan
Portable scanning Scan can be executed from a USB pen drive, a network share, mail,…
Advanced SW Recognition Extended information like SW functionality, vendor support, malware detection, latest version, …
Hierarchic inventory collection server Hierarchic inventory collection server, e.g. parent server in Europe (Tier 1), child server in Germany (Tier 2) and child server in Munich (Tier 3)
Intelligent upload algorithm Target devices will automatically determines the best upload server
Advanced scheduler Advanced scheduler to automate regular operational tasks (e.g. discovery, inventory and Upload in one stream)
Delta reporting Reporting Gaps regarding incomplete and missing inventory data

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