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The release of RayVentory introduces valuable components that redefine the entire field of discovery and inventory management: Unified Data Concept for intelligent data management and RayVentory Catalog, which provides far more information than conventional catalogs.

With these new elements, Raynet sets new standards in the field of software inventory management and raises the standard to a new level. All in all, you also benefit from various UI adjustments and an amazing increase in performance as well as many new and improved features that overcome any inventory challenge more transparently and effectively than ever before.

RayVentory Data Hub: Unified Data Concept (UDC) for intelligent Data Management

The use of both existing and additional data sources, such as Active Directory (AD), SCCM, cloud platforms (Azure, AWS), Docker instances, SaaS applications (Office 365, Jira, Salesforce, etc.), various virtualization environments (VMware, Hyper-V) and many more, allows you to present key performance indicators in a prepared form. The data is meaningfully linked, normalized and attractively and informatively presented in individual dashboards and reports.

Stakeholders from different business units benefit in the central RayVentory Data Hub from the logical consolidation of data to make it easy to understand and use as a basis for relevant decisions.

Software Catalog with added value

RayVentory Catalog assigns the inventoried raw software data to an application. The applications are enriched with detailed data and information, such as manufacturer, product categorization, license type, number of installations, release and end-of-life data as well as daily updated vulnerability information.

The meaningful report includes all important information and, in addition to risk and vulnerability information, also shows enormous potential for optimization.

RayVentory Scan Engine (formerly RayVentory Portal)

The end-to-end inventory solution RayVentory collects data of the highest quality for clients, servers and network devices – agent-based or agentless (remote, portable, zero touch) with a unique flexibility and automation capability in the shortest possible time.

Automated Discovery and Inventory of Docker Instances

The new docker technology is becoming increasingly popular because it is compact, portable, expandable and resource-saving. The challenge that companies face is that the closed systems are sometimes very non-transparent. RayVentory automatically detects all docker instances during the inventory scan and takes the information with it into the inventory.

The user interface displays the containers and images determined in detail, including all metadata. The inventory is carried out for both Windows and UNIX platforms using the proven zero touch method.

Transparent processes due to detailed Inventory Logging

The inventory process is displayed in a structured way and contains detailed information, including the current progress. Potential challenges, such as reacting quickly to credentials and approvals without waiting for the complete scan process, are covered due to the inventory logging.

The inventory log is available at any time and documents both successful and failed scanning processes. This makes the process understandable and traceable at any time.

Custom Asset Tagging

Devices can now be provided with user-defined attributes. The type of information can differ depending on the use case – typically these attributes are a good way to add additional information such as Bring Your Own License (BYOL), owner, department or comments. 

The device list is supplemented with additional sorting and filter functions. The new columns facilitate the search and scanning of selected groups based on business-relevant criteria.

Configurable inventory health indicator

With the new version it is possible to set up additional indicators such as the number of substati, their names or adjustments of colors in the product settings.

In addition, the status of the inventory is displayed in many places, which improves readability and offers the possibility to search or filter specifically for devices.

Multi-language UI

RayVentory Scan Engine now has a multilingual user interface. Users have the possibility to choose directly via the UI between the languages German and English.

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