Feature Highlights – RaySuite Appliance 2.1

RaySuite Appliance manages and automates the administration of your IT infrastructure. In addition to the fully comprehensive software and operating system deployment, security patch management and the integrated license counter, which can be configured according to existing requirements for your license management, the overall solution has an intelligent inventory component for hardware and software. Furthermore, all packaging related tasks, from evaluation to packaging and quality assurance, can also be carried out professionally.

With the new version, small and medium-sized companies benefit from an enormous performance increase and lower storage capacities. The even more intuitive operation of the software deployment simplifies the operation of the IT infrastructure and also allows you to manage it comfortably and reliably.

Intuitive workflows due to intelligent links
With intelligent links, such as starting policy updates and displaying error and system information, the Selector makes the process even faster and more intuitive.

The user interface of the Deployment Manager shines in an attractive design and offers improvements and new structures for easier and clearer application. The integrated Software Store enables the user to install optional software.

All licenses at a glance
The integrated License Counter is a quick and easy way to check the number of licenses and to control and optimize the counting of all managed and unmanaged software installations.

Meaningful reports in combination with the intuitive user interface support you in your license optimization and compliance.

Automated management of data and IT assets
The asset management component supports the determination and preparation of IT information for successful asset and identity management.

Workstations, notebooks, servers, monitors, printers, telephones, tablets, webcams, routers as well as tables and chairs can be recorded and managed with various features in Asset Management. When individual assets are added, they are automatically linked to existing objects in a meaningful way.

Time-controlled software rollouts
Software rollouts can be scheduled individually so that they can be carried out outside working hours or with minimal user interference.

Further highlights of the RaySuite Appliance:

Future- & goal-oriented: MSIX further development

Use of the Windows Sandbox for repackaging and automatic recognition of command lines

Intelligent reports and detailed error analysis

Inventory of Hyper-V machines