Software license management

Efficient management of licenses

The installation of software requires to comply with specific license terms and conditions. And every license that doesn’t find its way into license management – and whose product use rights are consequently not accurately cataloged – prohibits efficient planning and ultimately undermines the value of SAM while simultaneously increasing the risk of failing a software audit.

With RaySAMi, companies are able to gain control of their increasingly sprawling software portfolios. Specifically developed to nimbly integrate into mature processes and meet the complex requirements of global enterprises, RaySAMi equips ITAM and ITSM with the data and processes needed to meet the demands of the consumerization of IT and seamlessly integrate the realms of Virtualization, BYOD, and Cloud Computing with SAM. Designed to specifically meet the demands of globally operating enterprises, RaySAMi is the first license centric catalogue-based technology which tracks and manages licenses against a backdrop of complex metrics and contract data.


Master Catalog

80% of inventory data is covered out-of-the-box

{:de}Inventarisierung USB{:}{:en}Inventory USB{:}

Inventory via USB stick

Non-managed devices can be inventoried agentless via web and USB stick, as well as devices with high security requirements.


Cloud-based inventory method

{:de}Oracle Inventarisierung{:}{:en}Oracle Inventory{:}

Oracle Inventory

Inventory data collection locally or remotely without the need for a direct network connection to Orcale databases

{:de}Oracle Inventarisierung{:}{:en}Oracle Inventory{:}

vSphere Inventory

Capture inventory data locally or remotely without the need for a direct network connection to the ESX/vCenter Server


Enables one-touch compliance, cost allocations, workflows and optimization


  • Do you need a comprehensive overview of your entire IT infrastructure as well as your license status?
  • Are you looking for a uniform solution for inventory, contract, license and data management as well as optimization?
  • Do you expect a license audit, or is it already scheduled?
  • Do you want to proactively counteract audits and simultaneously optimize software costs?
  • Are you looking for company-wide availability of the management solution as a web-based application?

RaySAMi – The solution:

Provides you with mature and proven RayVentory and SmartTrack features for network-wide inventory and management of endpoints, applications and business data, in detail:

  • Inventory physical and virtual devices, Hyper-V and VMware systems, and Oracle databases
  • Optimization of software costs through transparency of installed products, centralized management of licenses and contracts, and license pooling.
  • Customizable menus with dynamic management functions and freely definable cost distribution keysPredefined and individually configurable reports
The comprehensive solution for holistic license management
Software Inventory RayVentory
RayVentory Inventory Method

In perfect combination with:

Workflow Management RayFlow

RayFlow – Manage your processes efficiently

  • Web-based workflow system with a unique platform to support IT departments in their software packaging projects
  • Provides real time information and progress monitoring of all tasks in the software packaging lifecycle
  • Flexible mail notification of work status changes and visual alert elements
  • SLA management with several control options and detailed reports
  • Web-based as well as client version available

Inventory of Software and Hardware

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