RayPack Studio for Quest KACE

An unbeatable combination

The KACE K1000 appliance for the administration of IT networks, traditionally positioned for medium-sized businesses, will receive a professional enterprise solution from Raynet for software packaging, namely its packaging solution RayPack in the special edition RayPack for Quest KACE. The core competence of RayPack is the support of professional packagers in the efficient and successful implementation of their packaging projects.

Where standard procedures of installer technology fail, RayPack sets new standards. Intuitively usable wizards guide you through classic packaging tasks: Starting with repackaging, through the generation of Windows Installer Transform files, to the realization of complex requirement scenarios. RayPack offers both entry level support and access for professionals.


Productive use for one year free of charge

Repackaging, processing of MSI and Transform MSI (MST)

Email and Web Support

Adapted to your needs

Packaging made easy

Upgrade options

Enterprise Software Packaging Overview

Create reliable packages for software delivery

An enterprise IT department has to face many changes nowadays: migration to Windows 10, virtualization, cloud computing, bring-your-own-device and a lot more. IT managers are asked not only to define strategies for these new subject matters, but also to cut costs and improve the efficiency in all areas of their work, whilst delivering better service to their end-users.


Create professional packaging manuals

RayEval allows you to document your work. It is a professional tool for any documentation tasks that require the collection of screenshots and step-wise procedures, such as the setup and configuration of an application for a packaging project. A precise and orderly documentation is a prerequisite to avoid unnecessary costs. Typically all evaluation documentation is done manually.

Screenshots of every single installation step or configuration choice will be taken and assorted with a suitable description, in order to give the software packagers an overview of the installation and a clear understanding of the packaging work to be done.

The KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance

It meets all your system management requirements, from the initial deployment of operating systems and hardware platforms to ongoing management and shutdown. Designed to save you time and money, the K1000 appliance is usually installed within a day at low total cost. Unlike traditional software solutions that may require complex and time-consuming implementation and maintenance, the K1000 appliance provides a fully integrated solution. Based on an extremely flexible and intelligent architecture, the appliance can be deployed quickly or maintained independently.

With the intelligence Raynet and its products incorporate, RayPack Studio and the KACE K1000 appliance provide a perfect management solution that helps midsize businesses save time, money and save nerves.

Depending on the changing requirements and growth of the company, customers can adapt this flexible and scalable solution to the constantly changing business requirements without having to undergo a complete redesign. Solving current problems is commonplace, but preventing future problems at the same time is what sets front runners apart from the crowd in the long run.

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