Software evaluation with RayEval

Creating professional packaging instructions with RayEval

RayEval allows you to document your work. It is a professional solution for any type of documentation task that requires a sequential display of image and text, such as installation and configuration instructions. With RayEval you get professional documentation while saving time and money.

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Your benefits:


Time saving

Up to 95.5% faster to results



Eliminates manual errors



Manuals, documentations, etc.


User friendly

Intuitive handling

Software evaluation

  • Simple, automated solution for generating professional documentation and descriptions of each individual installation step
  • The evaluation project can be easily exported (e.g. Office Word)
  • Overview whether all relevant package information is available, e.g. the required license key or the required hardware and infrastructure as well as the documentation
  • Integration with RayFlow allows export of created documents for further use
Software evaluation documentation installation

Evaluation process

User-friendly, automated tool to prepare all tasks of the subsequent process steps, such as packaging and testing:

  • Creation of professional documentation that includes screenshots and explanations for each installation step
  • Evaluation of the completeness of all relevant package information:
    • Required license key
    • Required hardware and infrastructure
    • Documentation and type of installation

Step by step to the perfect documentation:

Software evaluation Dashboard

Start RayEval and operate the application installation.

{:de}Software Evaluierung Dokumentation{:}{:en}Software evaluation documentation{:}

Go step by step through the installation and make snapshots automatically.

Software evaluation export

Select your desired format or export directly to RayFlow.

Software evaluation Word documentation

Provide professional evaluation documents for your packagers.

Integration TestRail*

  • Create descriptions of test procedures directly in RayEval and enter them into the TestRail environment
  • Display individual test steps and define the expected result at the same time
  • Test descriptions can be created offline and entered into the TestRail environment at a later date.
    • more efficient organization, management and tracking

*Available in the Enterprise and Complete Edition

Software evaluation TestRail

RayEval is part of:


Software evaluation


Quality assurance


Software packaging

{:de}RayQC Advanced{:}{:en}RayQC Advanced{:}

Collision and compatibility management

Software evaluation

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