With RayPack Studio 6.2 we offer you many significant and new functions regarding the Microsoft MSIX technology, the Microsoft Store as well as many automatisms in the entire packaging process. Convince yourself of the performance increase and unbeatable performance.

The enhancements and improvements are perfect and forward-looking and tailored to the needs of our customers and the current market situation.

All other feature highlights can be found here in a detailed overview:

RayPack Studio as a MSIX and in the Microsoft Store

Starting with the new version, RayPack Studio is available simultaneously as a classic Windows Installer (MSI) and as a modern MSIX format. RayPack Studio 6.2 is the only ISV product capable of generating MSIX packages and is also available in MSIX format. Users can now easily choose any deployment format that meets their needs.

By introducing our core components RayPack, RayEval and RayQC as Microsoft Store products, the deployment and licensing of RayPack Studio is made even easier.

The solutions can be used in combination or individually. Thanks to subscription-based licensing and automatic version updates, users are very flexible in their project planning.

RayPack Studio supports MSIX Core

MSIX Core enables the installation of MSIX applications on earlier versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 versions prior to 1709. RayPack Studio provides full support for MSIX Core, enabling the installation of generated MSIX packages on Windows 10 predecessors. The unique package generation for different operating systems not only saves unnecessary work, but also valuable time.

Intelligent management of RayPack Studio licenses

RayPack Studio’s advanced activation center provides a detailed overview of all current licenses and available products for complete transparency. Product activation and reactivation as well as automatic updates can be easily performed and managed for classic MSI or MSIX installations.

Repackaging on virtual machines with PackRecorder

PackRecorder now offers full support to perform repackaging on virtual machines. Intelligent wizards guide the user through the entire process. Reboot, MSI capturing and other great features continue to be supported with this extension.

Automatic detection of command lines

Once a setup is selected for repackaging, RayPack can automatically detect and determine the command line required for a completely unattended setup with typical options.

Version 6.2. includes optimized detection of other popular third-party setups and frameworks so that repackaging, installation, and wrapping of a setup can be done with a single click. This technology is used by PackBot, PackTailor and PackWrapper.

Using the Windows Sandbox for Repackaging

RayPack Studio now allows repackaging in the Windows Sandbox. Users benefit from an isolated environment provided in the form of a lightweight and transparent VM. Repackaging projects can be quickly started, executed and then transferred to the user’s own machine.

Automated assignment of capabilities

In this release, RayPack can specify whether the generated MSIX package requires administrator privileges to start. The programs are first executed with the rights of a normal user. If a software needs the administrative confirmation to start the application, it will be executed automatically according to the User Acceptance Control (UAC).

Intelligent reports and detailed troubleshooting

The extensive reports have been enriched by adding much important context-specific information. Manual troubleshooting instructions are provided for all rules that have reported a warning or error.