Feature Highlights RayPack Studio 6.1


Newest Support for MSIX and Windows 10, May 2019 Update

Thanks to our close technology partnership and cooperation with Microsoft, RayPack Studio always offers the latest support for Windows 10 versions. The May update of Windows 10 1903 regarding Modification Packages and App Installer is already supported in the new version.

{:de}Systemzustände zur Repaketierung aufzeichnen{:}{:en}Record system states for repackaging{:}

Virtual Packaging Factory on ESXi and Hyper-V

Many enhancements in ESXi and Hyper-V, including working in Hyper-V cluster constellations for example, bring significant progress to the virtual packaging factory. RayPack, RayEval and RayQC all benefit from this new feature.

Extended support for App-V conversion

Support for App-V 5.2 (1803) and (1809) has been added in version 6.1. The App-V converter has been modified to ensure that other apps can run smoothly after conversion.

Complete integration and creation of packages from PackageStore.com

The complete integration of the Package Store into RayPack Studio and RayFlow enables the integration of finished packages and optimizes the packaging workflow.

It is now even easier and more intuitive to search in RayPack or RayFlow for finished packages provided by the Package Store. The advanced search function also makes it much easier to find the right package: you can search by version, platform, language or many other properties. The entire process up to the distributable software package can now take place directly in RayPack and offers a seamless process from the integration of package store packages.

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Image processing with RayEval

In the new version, captured images can be edited in a variety of ways: Cropping, commenting, highlighting elements with color, adding arrows, any other shape or text and much more.

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New documentation mode

RayEval now offers many more templates for technical documentation in addition to the conventional software evaluation. This allows daily documentation to be created quickly, easily and professionally.

All captured images can now be exported individually or to multiple files. The entire document can also be exported as a series of PNG files.

{:de}RayQC Advanced{:}{:en}RayQC Advanced{:}

Extended list of supported Windows 10 versions

Windows 10 builds 1803, 1809, and 1903 have been added to the list of supported Windows versions.

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