Design meets User Experience

In addition to RayFlow’s strikingly positive design change, the new user interface offers many improvements that make working in RayFlow a pure pleasure. User Experience, intelligent wizards and an enormous increase in performance make working in RayFlow even more enjoyable. In addition to the newly designed dashboard, which contains all important shortcuts, each user has an area that displays personal tasks, messages and appointments.

The tracking symbols have also been adapted and provide a clear overview of the progress and status of each order. Of course, they can easily be customized and exchanged.

Wizard-controlled order creation

The newly designed wizard accompanies the user through all steps of order creation and requests all necessary information.

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Highly customizable

There are no more limits to the creative adaptations. Background images, colors, etc. can now be easily changed to the desired corporate design or other wishes.

RayVentory Serverfarm Social Media

Integration of Power BI

Power BI dashboards and reports can now be integrated with RayFlow. As a result, all data is displayed according to your wishes. After adding Power BI to RayFlow, dashboards and reporting are available for all RayFlow users, depending on their permissions. A standard report is included with RayFlow. More can be created as needed.

Feedback-driven rollout

This new feature, which comes with the standard version, allows information to be retrieved from end users via a “feedback” plug-in. This allows a large number of users, previously defined in groups, to participate and provide feedback via an automatically generated RayFlow email by selecting buttons. This feedback goes directly back into RayFlow and is immediately available to the service managers.

The inclusion in the software provisioning process of employees who do not have a user account in RayFlow is a great added value, as it increases the quality and time savings tremendously.

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