Catalogue management for products and services including dependencies

With RayDemand Raynet provides an attractive and modern service shop for the selection and application of order requests. The customer satisfaction increases because of the personalized catalog which clearly arranged off ers products and services. RayDemand supports the management of service orders – from placement to delivery. The processes throughout the process chain are characterized by a high degree of standardization and automation. Therefore, they can be carried out very effi ciently, securely and transparently for everyone involved, since they no longer have to be done manually.

{:de}Kundenfreundlich{:}{:en}customer friendly{:}


Multilingual service catalog containing specified services in-sync with the respective service customers (e.g. business units, locations)

{:de}Schnellere Beschaffungsabläufe{:}{:en}Faster & improved procurement processes{:}

Faster & improved procurement processes

Fast processing of requests for software, hardware and services

{:de}Kosten sparen{:}{:en}Saving costs{:}

Reduction of procurement costs

Bundling of orders and reduction of ordering processes

{:de}Transparenz & Servicequalität{:}{:en}Transparency & service quality{:}

Transparency & service quality

Standardized service delivery & transparency by process monitoring and process key data

RayDemand helps your company to reduce direct and indirect costs

In many companies it is very time and resourceconsuming to request Software or Hardware. A service desk is frequently overloaded with routine inquiries that are less critical – things like setting up a new PC workstation, resetting passwords or procuring standard equipment. Many relevant processes in the service chain, like purchasing, inventorying or budget control, take up additional time. At the same time, customers increasingly demand high quality and rapid provisioning of services.

RayDemand helps your company to reduce direct and indirect costs by offering standardized services, bundling order processes and smoothly and automatically integrating services in IT business.


To order hardware, software or services, users call up the web portal and obtain a categorized overview of the products and services available to them. The intuitive user guidance makes operation of this extremely easy. By clicking on the particular product, users can select the service they want or navigate to them via categories. A search field can also be used to attain the desired range.

Ordering Hardware, Software and Services

After the desired products and services have been selected and configured, they are placed in the shopping cart. Users can then either order the elements in the shopping cart directly and forward the order for approval, store the shopping cart contents only as a draft for the time being, or return to the selection process and choose and configure further products and services.

Compliance Processes

After services have been ordered, the request is automatically forwarded to the respective cost center manager for approval. Multistage approval steps are possible and can be carried out in parallel or sequentially.

Workflow Management RayFlow

Provide Services Efficiently

As soon as the approval and order processes are completed, the orders are broken down into smaller suborders and are then assigned to various agent groups for further action. These steps can be managed by our workflow management tool, RayFlow. With RayFlow users will always be able to see the entire process and to check the current order position and enable the data exchange for all processes, especially for RayDemand.

Workflow management Tracking

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