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Oracle Java is currently a very controversial topic, because from April 2019 the commercial use will be charged. What exactly does this mean for companies?

So far Oracle Java and all updates could be obtained free of charge. Future commercial use is only possible with a paid subscription. Existing installations can also only be updated with a license. Who remains on old versions is delivered by missing Security patches possible security gaps.

Oracle offers two license models for Java with a standard term of one year:

Java SE Desktop Subscription
The Java SE Desktop Subscription is licensed on the basis of internal and external employees who have access to a desktop computer with Oracle Java installed.

Java SE Subscription (for Server)
Licensing on servers is based on the physical processors, which in virtualized environments extend to the complete hardware of the virtualization platform. The license costs for servers are calculated by the number of cores and CPU types used.

Both license models cover all previously paid features. Companies receive full 24/7 support and free updates for the duration of the subscription. However, once the subscription expires, you lose the right to further commercial use if it is not extended in time.

Now many questions for companies arise:

  • Which Oracle Java versions are in use and where are they installed?
  • Is Oracle Java used at all and by whom?
  • Can you do without support and hotfixes?
  • etc.

Using extensive and proven methods RayVentory recognizes …

… the installation of Oracle Java (JRE/SDK)

… the use of Oracle Java (JRE/SDK)

… the parameters required for licensing

The software portfolio can be optimized by subsequent evaluation and, if necessary, rationalization in such a way that resources and license costs are saved.

Identify all Java applications used in your company!

With Oracle Java, Oracle offers you the use of the optional “Java Usage Tracker”, which also provides information about the user and the Java applications used. This information can be transferred to a central Java Advanced Management Console (AMC) and evaluated.

The downside: The use of the Java Usage Tracker is already subject to a fee and Oracle does not offer support for data collection in distributed or separate networks.
Because RayVentory offers much more features and benefits than a specialized method for Java, we plan to implement a comparable solution as a feature in RayVentory.

For the first companies interested in this function, we offer the possibility of a preferred implementation. If you are interested, please contact us at short notice.

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With our inventory solution RayVentory, any hardware and software can be flexibly inventoried in any complex or separate networks.
The results resulting from the inventory serve as a basis for pursuing qualified licensing strategies and making decisions.

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