Raynet, Europe’s leading provider of application lifecycle management services and products, is proud to announce the release of RaySuite Appliance version 2.0. The RaySuite Appliance is a pre-configured and pre-installed set of software components that are perfectly integrated in a truly intuitive workflow. To ensure professional client lifecycle management, intensive
IT departments often put a lot of effort into ensuring holistic client management. Maintaining numerous golden images and dynamic adaption of policies or task flows is a tedious and error-prone task. In order to implement client management well, the separation of concerns is necessary. This means that different task areas,
Raynet, Europe’s leading provider of services and products within the Application Lifecycle Management, proudly releases the new generation of software deployment solution in version 11.4. RayManageSofti (RMSi) is an enterprise software management solution that not only provides central deployment of operating systems and software, security through latest patches and an
From Timo Gemmeke (Westfalen-Blatt) If there is a “German dream”, a dream of diligence, precision and severity, which finally pays off, then Ragip Aydin lives this dream. As a child he sold water bottles at the Istanbul bazaar. Today he sells software and services to the largest companies in the
The future began 20 years ago: Raynet. According to this motto, around 200 guests, including business partners, employees, friends and family, celebrated this special anniversary in the Paderborn Quax Hangar. At the age of 11 years, Ragip Aydin, founder and managing director of Raynet, came to Germany. Born in the