With RayPack 2.0, Raynet has reached a milestone


RayPack 2.0 provides lots of outstanding new and improved features that turn packaging into an absolutely positive and engaging experience.

Paderborn, 11th August 2015. Raynet GmbH, Europe´s leading provider of software packaging and application lifecycle management solutions, releases version 2.0 of its packaging solution RayPack worldwide.

The words usability, responsiveness and convenience obtained an entirely new meaning with RayPack 2.0. The new RayPack version 2.0 provides lots of outstanding new and improved features that not only software packagers, but also software vendors look forward to. It is the combination of many years of packaging experience, practice and of course hard development work that makes RayPack the leading packaging solution in the market. Customer driven development with a focus on daily business need is what makes the products of Raynet so successful.

Here are some of the most important features of RayPack 2.0 at a glance:

Setup Development + Packaging – Hand in Hand

Functional and eye candy
The brand new MSI Dialog Designer of RayPack 2.0 significantly improves the UI management performance and adds cutting edge features that enable the user to build and design their own dialogs using the native MSI technology for a pixel-perfect preview. This offers endless possibilities for designing custom dialogs, whilst keeping the use of predefined ones for common requirements easy as pie.

IIS Scanner
Within each RayPack 2.0 installation a standalone IIS Scanner is provided to the user. Scanning and extracting the full configuration of a running IIS instance can easily be done by this utility. Results can be imported directly to any RayPack project (RPP/MSI) and stored for later re-use. The interactive GUI can be used to pick-up the right website to be exported. It is advantageous that the user is able to work with this tool on any system – without the need to install the full RayPack application, and free of license limitations.

Linked folders support
The user is able to mark any folder within PackDesigner as ‘dynamic‘, by simply linking it to a physical path on the drive. This enables the definition of the target feature and of wildcards to filter out unnecessary files from the physical folder. Using this feature is recommended to define resource structures which change frequently.

User Experience and Productivity

Keep an overview
Thanks to the new feature of row tracking users can track both, direct and indirect references between data objects from within the TABLES editor. To increase productivity, the tracking mechanism automatically updates all connected rows when editing a cell or removing a row.

Faster than lightning
You need to stop caring about working with large packages. The core modules of RayPack have been improved to achieve better overall performance. The time required for loading big RPP/MSI projects with ten thousands of objects, depending on the specific scenario, environment, and the actual size of the package, should decrease by astonishing 99%.

Improved and configurable condition builder
The condition builder allows to easily define conditions for components, features and properties belonging to the current package. It can also recognize the predefined MSI properties, and provides a handy set of comparison and state/action conditions. Simply clicking items to add them to condition clauses enormously increases productivity and decreases erroneous condition definitions.

The application view has been redesigned. Now there is a way to specify the End User License Agreement for the current project by loading and saving directly from an RTF.

Setup Wrapping

Be well prepared
Defining critical dependencies for projects is no longer a big deal with the prerequisites manager of RayPack 2.0. The new prerequisites screen provides an easy way to handle this. RayPack 2.0 contains a predefined list of commonly used prerequisites, which can be downloaded and added to any project as required. Within the PackPoint all prerequisite resources are shared and available for your entire packaging factory team.

Once the prerequisites have been defined, they will be present in the wrapper as well. In RayPack 2.0 the user has the ability to build setup wrappers directly from the PackDesigner. In the build setting screen, a checkbox can be used to create a wrapper over the current project. It can either be generated as an .exe file or as command line wrapper that can be used to install the package.

Integration und Import

Quality assurance at the highest level
Another outstanding highlight is the integration of high level quality assurance provided by RayQC directly into the RayPack 2.0 GUI. The new quality menu can be used to perform various quality checks against the current project and provides a simple yet effective checklist, which can be generated with one click, to be used during pre-quality checks and as a baseline for quality engineering tasks.

RayPack 2.0 enables the packager to use a wide range of rulesets, to cover many cases from virtualization to collision management. A major advantage is, that the user does not have to switch to other software programs to use these quality features as long as both products are installed on the same machine.

QC results are shown directly within the RayPack validation results, allowing to fix the issues before the package is actually tested against them in later Quality Assurance phases of the overall packaging process. This saves time, money and protects your nerves from uncomely rejects.

ISM/WSI Import
Converting ISM/ WSI projects to RayPack´s RPP project format, which has, by the way, undergone a massive redesign between 1.4 and 2.0, is now possible as well.

You will find further information at https://raynet.de/en/products/raypack-studio/raypack/

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