The RayPack Roadshows – Packaging for a WISEr generation


The RayPack Roadshows, which took place in March and April this year in 5 European cities, were a complete success.

With a high number of visitors ranging from packagers, customers to prospective customers and the press, a large audience was able to discover a new and comprehensive packaging solution in Munich, Berlin, Luzern, Düsseldorf and Utrecht. Now nothing stands in the way of a worldwide RayPack Roadshow.

Strong partnerships for central European business with PDS, bbi software and IBN Distribution helped the Roadshow go beyond the German borders and present to customers in Europe.

Beside the product presentation of RayPack, the new and innovative software packaging solution, the audience was particularly impressed by the extensive social programme offered in each location, under the motto “Mission possible”. It allows each participant to assess the high potential of the new product as well as analyse the ROI that could be achieved with this new packaging solution on the market. In addition, the whole RaySuite family of products and services was presented, offering solutions for comprehensive enterprise software management. It was clear to see the participants’ enthusiasm in the feedback rounds, as well as in individual discussions at the end of each Roadshow.

“Raynet clearly covers far and wide enterprise software packaging and virtualisation better than anyone else on the market.” – Participant from Munich

Where the market previously offered two competitive enterprise products, there was only one rather monopolistic option until our Kick-Off of RayPack. But why develop another software packaging tool? If you ask Ragip Aydin, Managing Director of Raynet GmbH, the answer is clear. The products on the market have been missing crucial components. Not only features and functionalities, but also the necessary vision that packaging today can no longer be just about a tool, but that it requires a comprehensive solution. One can no longer blindly package ignoring the necessary preparatory work and post-packaging tasks. The keyword is integration and a software management solution that covers all steps from license inventory to rollout and back is needed. To this day no software vendor had offered this on the market, but from now on Raynet does. Raynet had already helped design and develop many of the solutions already available and had gathered extensive knowledge in the area of software packaging. Our unbeatable expertise derives not only from our year-long experience and daily work in countless projects, but also from customer demand. In the past 15 years, we have seen a specific trend evolve towards the need for a mature packaging solution. As an innovative company, Raynet has taken on this seemingly impossible task and developed a market-ready and user-friendly product, which combines functionality, cost efficiency, service and support. We went from our vision “Mission Possible” to “Mission Completed”.

“An extraordinarily compact and comprehensive new software packaging tool, which offers me as a freelancer a lot of advantages and the possibility to offer my customers the best quality. And from a price perspective a no-brainer!”  – Freelancer and participant to our Roadshow in Utrecht.