Software Packaging and Virtualization Generation 4.0

With the release of the Packaging Suite 4.0, Raynet delivers a bundle of know-how of nearly 20 years of packaging experience combined into one single suite.

Raynet, Europe’s leading company for software packaging and products in the area of Application Lifecycle Management proudly presents its new all-in-one solution: The Packaging Suite 4.0. A suite which shines with cleverly integrated solutions and which automates many work steps.

Companies need a lot of different tools to execute software packaging projects to their full extent: One product is needed to create evaluation documents, another one is needed for software packaging and virtualization, then, a third program is needed for quality assurance. If compatibility and conflict management is added, for example for a migration to Windows 10, even more tools clash. Then there is the need to track SLA´s as well as creating and communicating status reports. Employees are under pressure and they need to be successful in the first attempt, because errors will consume time and money and will lead to dissatisfaction.

With nearly 20 years of experience and a lot of successful projects in this area, Raynet knows exactly what is important for the customer. Raynet is not only a software vendor but it is also an experienced service provider. “This is our strength. From packagers, for packagers. It is not only our practical experience, but also the feedback of our customers that is influencing the development of our products. This is what makes our products what they are today. It is our claim to develop cleverly linked solutions, which enable you, as entrepreneur, to master all current and future challenges in the Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management“, says Ragip Aydin, Managing Director of Raynet.

Raynet combines Best Practice with innovative technology. Through this unique combination the new Packaging Suite 4.0 offers software products for each single step of enterprise packaging. The “Professional” edition and the “Enterprise” edition of the new product family are comprised of RayEval (software evaluation), RayPack (packaging), and RayQC (quality assurance). The highest edition, “Complete”, of the Packaging Suite additionally contains the compatibility management component RayQC Advanced. With RayQC Advanced it is possible to test applications on compatibility, existing conflicts, and their ability for virtualization, which is needed for migration projects to Windows 10 or into the cloud.

Optionally, the workflow management system RayFlow is available for all editions. It offers process-related information on all integrated tools and visualizes packaging projects from the creation of the order until final deployment. Furthermore, it offers the ability to integrate all software products, data, and people who are part of the packaging project, aiming to achieve the best possible communication and coordination with one another. The full integration of all products into RayFlow allows for a comfortable and intuitive way to access data and information. This does not only lead to more productivity, but also enables faster work processes. Raynet‘s software solutions are linked in an intelligible way, which allows for an efficient and high-quality job by all those who are involved, from evaluation, to packaging and quality assurance, through to the management. This significantly reduces the delivery time for the software and also the need for additional work.

At the time of the release of the Packaging Suite 4.0, all products which are part of the Packaging Suite will also be released in their 4.0 version. RayFlow, as well as RayPack, RayQC, RayQC Advanced, and RayEval have received new and improved functionalities which optimize every step of the workflows even in their smallest details and which guarantee the highest quality.

Feature Highlights: Detailed information of the new features are given in the Release Notes of the respective product which can be found at

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