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RayManageSofti and RayVentory 10.5 have been released to meet all requirements regarding Software and OS Deployment as well as Security and Patch Management.

Raynet GmbH, Europe´s leading provider of software packaging and application lifecycle management solutions, releases version 10.5 of its Software and OS Management solution.

These new versions, just like their predecessors, will continue to provide a complete set of products for software and operating system deployment as well as security and patch management. The new features of RayManageSofti and RayVentory 10.5 meet the needs of the customers and the demand of the current market. For mid-size and large organizations, comprehensive Software Deployment has never been easier in regard to the reduction of costs. With this announcement, Raynet presents two software solutions that enable an easy optimization of processes. From faster and more convenient runs, better preparations to numerous automatic functions, and individually configurable settings – They range from software inventory to deployment.

Get the most important features of RayManageSofti and RayVentory 10.5 at a glance:

Windows 10 is here to stay – Prepare yourself
Windows 10 Support

Windows 10 support has been added for Software Deployment, Operating System Deployment, Security Patch Management, RayVentory, Managed Devices, and Distribution Server.

Inventory by end users and system administrators
RayVentory Portal

The RayVentory Portal has been improved and now appears in the RaySuite standard design. RayVentory Portal is the entry point for all users and enables administrators to define one or more pre-configured projects for inventory tasks executable for end users and system administrators.

• USB inventory option
• Test connection dialog for Oracle databases and VMware servers
• Recent dialog to access the latest inventories

Automate manual steps
Security Patch Management Automation

Manual steps, such as Update Database, Pack, Download, Distribute, and Add to policy, can now be automated. Additionally, the new actions Determine Required Patches and Cleanup Superseded Patches were added.

Determine Required Patches
• Analyzes the compliance data of the environment
• Changes the state of needed patches
• Hides unnecessary bulletins

Cleanup Superseded Patches
• Analyzes superseding information of patches
• Cleans the system by removing the patches

Keep overview at all times
Efficient and smart reporting engine

All reports were moved within the UI to group them in a logical way. Additionally, some reports were improved. Furthermore, new reports were introduced to cover new features or use cases.
Our new reporting supports a high and always up-to-date transparency of your entire IT infrastructure:
• Inventory Overview
• SNMP Device Overview
• Hardware Overview
• Client Status
• VMware Infrastructure
• Oracle Server Overview

Nothing remains undiscovered
RayVentory for network devices

• The new SNMP Tracker is now part of the devices snap-in. This allows the inventory of network devices like routers, switch, printers, etc.
• New option to define the SNMP inventory scope. This allows users to generate customized inventories from SNMP-enabled devices.
• A new device role recognition mechanism and management has been added to the devices snap-in.
• SNMP discovery information has been added to the column chooser in the devices snap-in.
• New configuration file to set the community string.

As easy as 1-2-3
License Counting and DNA

A new software recognition functionality (DNA), which is already available with RayVentory Advanced, has been added as optional module to the license counting feature of RayManageSofti 10.5. Furthermore, License Counting for SW packages is now automatically integrated in RayManageSofti 10.5. The combination of License Counting and DNA enables the identification of any software and counts managed and unmanaged installation of software.

RayManageSofti Appliance
Our Solution for small to medium businesses

Businesses up to 2000 clients also wish for a professional software management system, but often hesitate because of the high costs associated with this. For these customers this offer provides a bunch of benefits, in cost saving as well as in obtaining a scalable solution. SME customers can now enjoy numerous functions that facilitate the operation of their own IT infrastructure and allow it to be more conveniently and reliably administrated.

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