Small prices for Early Birds and migrating customers – Raynet gains ground in packaging solutions


Raynet GmbH, Europe’s leading house when it comes to software packaging and products of the application lifecycle management, had already booked many successes for their brand new packaging solution RayPack. Now the vendor wants to replace already installed packaging tools and conquer new terrain.

The only pre-condition: You either have to have a packaging tool installed and in use, or you got none at all but want to start with RayPack. If you comply with this condition, you can have your currently used packaging tool replaced by the ultra-modern RayPack-set or get it as your first tool. For these cases Raynet offers high discounts and for changers a free migration training as well. And for all those not renewing, there is an extra discount on top. See details under the Raypack product site.

RayPack consists of an editor for packages in native and RayPack formats (PackDesigner), a tool for re-packaging (PackRecorder) that records installation processes and transfers them into native formats or RayPack project files.

There is also the PackBench (release 1.1) that takes care of process control for packaging activities. A central library for managing package information (PackLib, release 1.1.), together with a tool for automating the mass conversion of packages (PackBot, rel. 1.3.) round off the solution. Raynet also presented a comprehensive roadmap for the product, giving an appetite for further functionalities and integration approaches.

“We have had a fantastic launch with this product”, says Ragip Aydin, Managing Director Raynet GmbH. “We would like to address -even more than already- those customers already working with packaging tools. We do see very good cost-cutting and savings in a change and would like to overcome the typical hurdle the usual investment cycles represent”.

About Raynet

Raynet GmbH is an innovative, technology-based service and product supplier for information technology and specialises in the architecture, implementation and management of all tasks in the application management life cycle, particularly in system and software management, including software packaging, software distribution, migration and client engineering. 

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