SD-Technologies and Raynet strengthen their strategic partnership


The integration of Raynet products and the widespread range of training measures that are offered by SD-Technologies enables them to offer an integral range of services in the area of software packaging.

As leading and innovative service and solution provider in information technology, Raynet forms a new partnership with SD-Technologies, one of the top IT service providers in the area of software integration, software distribution, software packaging, software virtualization, and the creation of setups.

Both companies decided to take another important step for a tighter strategic cooperation reaching beyond the already existing long-term partnership in the area of packaging services. SD-Technologies expand their portfolio with the high-quality products of the RaySuite. The RaySuite includes flexible, high-performance solutions which cover the whole range of Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management. The focus is on solutions which cover and optimize the whole packaging process. These include the workflow management system RayFlow, the software evaluation tool RayEval, the software packaging tool RayPack as well as the solutions for quality assurance and application readiness for Windows 10, RayQC and RayQC Advanced.

Raynet’s products are well coordinated with one another and can therefore arrange the whole packaging process to be highly efficient and thus guarantee a fluent workflow. This is also the reason why they will be used in SD-Technologies software packaging factories in the future. The workflow management system RayFlow additionally offers a task- and status overview for every single phase. This high transparency enables an unobstructed communication between the whole packaging team and is tremendously reducing the error ratio. „It is an absolute necessity to put the products to the acid test if we want to use them internally at the one hand and, above all, if we want to offer them to our customers. Our by all means positive experiences and the feedback from the market convinced us to take this step“, says Martin Aigner, CEO of SD-Technologies.

As first certified training partner of Raynet, SD-Technologies perfects the range of their integral array of services in the area of software packaging. The trainers from SD-Technologies will be especially trained and certified by Raynet and therefore become official provider of training courses for Raynet’s unique topic- and product-based training program.

Petra Lackerschmid, COO of Raynet: „A good partnership consist of constant communication and the mutual search for solutions to convince our customers steadily of the high quality of our performance. With SD Technologies, Raynet gained a partner who, by his long term experience in the area of software packaging, not only has the know-how but also represents a common service concept.”

Both, Raynet and SD-Technologies, agree that with this cooperative approach they have found a practical solution which offers concrete benefits for their customers in the area of software management.

About SD-Technologies
The team of the SD-Technologies GmbH was traded under the same name as InstallShield GmbH until 2002. Nowadays, they are counted as one of the top IT service provider in the area of software integration, software distribution, software packaging, software virtualization, and the creation of setups.
With SD-Technologies our customers gain a strong partner who supports them from the incorporation of employees through training courses and coaching, and the provision of resources for a project, respectively the company management (for example by staff outsourcing), to the complete outsourcing of packaging jobs, respectively software integration tasks.

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