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RayVentory breaks all records with 670,000 inventoried devices in no time

Discovery and inventory of servers in Windows and non-Windows environments

Raynet, Europe’s leading provider of services and products for Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management, inventories one of the largest server farms in the world and identifies around 670,000 devices within only three months.

After an intensive bidding and proof of value phase, the U.S. software manufacturer with annual revenue of $9.03 billion and headquarters in California chose the most technologically advanced solution on the market: RayVentory. With the award-winning solution of the worldwide operating Raynet, based in Paderborn, Westphalia, the customer was able to scan its complex server infrastructure and obtain valuable data.

“Optimal software licensing pays off. Incorrect or even missing license management damages efficient planning. There are also risks of over- or underlicensing. For preparation and as a basis for sustainable hardware and software asset management, complete transparency of the IT landscape is therefore elementary”, says Andreas Gieseke, Director Products and Services at Raynet. “We are very proud to be the only solution provider that is able to meet the customer’s high expectations with RayVentory.”

The result is not only reflected in the data quality, but also in the impressive project time: within a few months, more than half a million servers were identified.

The detected hardware and software data are the essential basis for important strategic IT decisions. A complete inventory serves the overall understanding and is the prerequisite for efficient risk management. Predictive maintenance can prevent system failures that could otherwise have very critical effects on the customer’s business processes.

This way, RayVentory forms the foundation for an integrated software license management. Therefore, the customer uses Aspera SmartTrack, one of the leading software license management solutions. Through the close cooperation and strategic partnership between Raynet and Aspera, the customer benefits from the synergies of two market-leading solutions in the field of software inventory and license management.

With its headquarters in Paderborn, Raynet has further branches in Germany, the USA, Poland and the UK. For over 20 years, Raynet’s portfolio has supported hundreds of customers and partners worldwide in their enterprise application management projects. This includes license management, software packaging, software deployment, migration and client engineering. In addition, Raynet maintains and cultivates strong partnerships with the leading companies in Application Lifecycle Management.

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RayVentory Serverfarm Social Media

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Raynet products are unique in design and functionality. Their development is highly influenced by customers and partners, who play an important role in product optimization and are the main reason why they always occupy a leading position. Whether a new deployment tool is to be introduced or a SAM project to set up, a packaging factory to be planned or a migration to be carried out – Raynet is always the best-of-breed partner in Application Lifecycle Management services, products and solutions.

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