RayTime 2017 – The annual US User Conference for Customers and Prospects

Raynet Inc. cordially invites customers and prospects to the annual RayTime event. On April 19th, 2017, Raynet presents its latest solutions and visions for the future in St. Louis, MO. Attendees are warmly welcomed to discuss about requirements, experiences and advantages of a holistic Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management (EALM) as well as about new technologies.

Raynet Inc., headquartered in Chicago, US, and 100 % owned subsidiary of the German company Raynet GmbH, offers comprehensive solutions for EALM and Software Management. This includes products and services for license management, software packaging, software deployment, migrations, client engineering and many more.

Raynet´s development is highly driven by its customers and partners who play a crucial role in the improvement of the products – a key reason why those are always cutting edge. Therefore, it is all the more important to maintain regular exchange and direct contact.

Attendees can not only expect a networking opportunity, but also a full agenda with valuable information concerning current topics like Mergers & Acquisitions, Software Audits, Windows 10 Migrations and the entire Software Asset Management.

“Organizations are facing various challenges in their EALM and Software Management. These can be application standardization and virtualization choices, a Windows 10 migration or the management and deployment of security patches and updates – just to name a few examples,” says Dr. David W. Bowser, CEO at Raynet Inc., “RayTime is the perfect platform to present our roadmap and vision for the upcoming years while at the same time network and discuss with customers and prospects. This creates an interactive environment where the ideas and needs of both sides meet and are combined in innovative solutions.”

David W. Bowser will be the host for this day with the support of several subject matter experts. He enjoys a successful track record of implementing complex IT projects in heterogeneous IT environments all over the world. With more than 20 years of experience, he is probably one of the most knowledgeable persons in Europe regarding the architecture and implementation of projects of this nature on time and on budget. His excellent skills combine the need of meeting commercial restrictions with the high demand of delivering excellence in both technology and service.

Raynet is constantly investigating new trends in the industry and strives to improve the products and solutions. With almost 20 years of experience, Raynet knows that customers are the most valuable source for guiding the development in the right direction.

Your contact for further information: Jeroen Braak, Chief Sales Officer Americas, Direct: +1 (224) 545-0249, Email: j.braak@raynet-inc.com

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