RayPack Studio goes Microsoft Store


Raynet’s Enterprise Software Packaging Solution now available in the Microsoft Store 

Raynet is proud to be the first Independent Software Vendor (ISV) to offer its enterprise software packaging solution RayPack Studio with its individual products RayPack, RayEval and RayQC in the Microsoft Store. 

The successful partnership between Microsoft and Raynet goes back many years. Raynet was actively involved in the development of Microsoft’s universal packaging format MSIX and integrated the format into RayPack Studio almost a year ago. With the release of the software packaging bundle in the Microsoft Store, Raynet is now offering its customers and prospects a new way of software procurement. 

Rent RayPack, RayEval and RayQC according to individual requirements
Licenses can be purchased for as little as one month. Thus, the increase or reduction of licenses for service providers or companies that independently manage software projects is scalable depending on the packaging effort. 

Buy and install in seconds
RayPack, RayEval and RayQC are offered in the highest edition in the Microsoft Store and therefore include all functionalities. The user logs into the Microsoft Store, purchases the desired product, starts the download so that it can be installed automatically and immediately used productively. All financial details and processes are handled via the Microsoft account. 

Always up to date
With the Microsoft Store, the applications are always up to date: as soon as a new version of RayPack, RayEval or RayQC is available, the software applications are automatically updated without any effort. This ensures that the work is always based on the latest technologies and customers benefit from all new features. 

With RayPack, professional software packaging is more comfortable than ever before. The product acts as a framework system for packaging and managing software packages. The enterprise solution supports a variety of package formats, operating and deployment systems. 

RayEval is suitable for any kind of documentation task with a sequential representation of image and text and allows the export to various file formats, such as Office Word or PDF. 

RayQC is a cross-industry, rule-based application that integrates individual test criteria into checklists via drag and drop. The processing of the individual test steps is usually a combination of manual and automated tasks. 

RayVentory will also be available soon in the Microsoft Store. The inventory solution provides transparency for the entire IT landscape, because with its numerous inventory methods (remote, agent-based, agentless, zero touch) no devices or software remain undiscovered.