RayPack becomes a global player


Bob Kelly – The real guru of Software Packaging has reviewed RayPack

With 25+ years of experience in IT, renowned as author of several books, articles and guides for companies like Microsoft and InstallShield, and also as founder of the popular software community platform ITNinja, Bob Kelly has reviewed Raynet´s packaging solution RayPack and written a detailed article about it.

ITNinja, which was created as AppDeploy in 1999 by Bob Kelly himself, is a collaborative software community for IT professionals. With 500K+ visitors per month and 7,000+ deployment tips, ITNinja is one of the largest and most important IT platforms in the world. The unique content stems from a knowledge base of over 350,000 software titles including software packaging. It´s a true masterpiece that has been created by Bob Kelly and an enormous added value for the whole IT world. In the latest news, Bob Kelly wrote an article with the topic “A Close Look at RayPack 1.4” and posted it on ITNinja.

‘It has been a while since I wrote an article about a packaging tool. Since Wise Package Studio has been taken off the market and AdminStudio is not seeing considerable competition as the leading enterprise solution, I thought it worth highlighting some of what I’ve learned about a relatively new entry to the market: RayPack!’ says Bob Kelly, Vice President Product Management Endpoint Systems Management at Dell in his review.

The long and hard work Raynet has put into RayPack leads to the attention and favor of more and more professionals, which makes us very proud. RayPack has reached the global player level. All the positive feedback and energy we receive from our user community keeps on pushing us forward – to become the one and only packaging solution on the global market.

Finally a few notes regarding the closing words of Bob Kelly´s review: With RayPack´s development being community driven, the desired enhancements have been added to our feature request pool and will be integrated into the development roadmap very soon.

Read the whole story at http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/a-close-look-at-raypack-1-4
Get further information about RayPack at www.raypack.net


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