Raynets RayVentory is released today in version 11.3

Raynets RayVentory is released today in version 11.3

Raynet, Europe’s leading provider of services and products for Application Lifecycle Management, proudly presents version 11.3 of the inventory solution RayVentory.

The new version of RayVentory makes the inventory of client, server and network devices easier, more intuitive and more powerful.

Version 11.3 includes, among other things, new functions to make the discovery of IT devices even more efficient, to achieve a higher degree of automation and to identify and provide authoritative information for asset and identity management.

The following feature highlights are included in the new version 11.3:

Advanced vSphere Discovery

In order to efficiently discover unknown devices, RayVentory uses information from the vSphere infrastructure to avoid unnecessary network scanning (ping and port scanning). In addition, important device relations and hardware information of the host devices are determined.

Asset and Identity Management

New challenges, such as compliance with the European general data protection regulation, require efficient asset and identity management. RayVentory provides the relevant IT information in this context by determining the user and group information of the Active Directory and preparing it accordingly.

Import of IP addresses and ranges

The new RayVentory version provides a feature for importing large and complex IP addresses & ranges from external data sources. This significantly reduces the manual effort required to configure the regular network scan.

Inventory of Hyper-V machines

It is now possible to inventory Hyper-V hypervisors. All information for a complete hardware and software asset management is clearly displayed. Similar to the vSphere inventory, this includes important device relations and hardware information of the host devices.

Efficient control of all inventory tasks

In the new version, the inventory process can be adjusted as required using the corresponding configuration options. In addition to a considerable performance optimization, this also enables a high degree of flexibility, since specific infrastructure requirements can be handled in this way.

All further information about the current version of RayVentory is available in the Release Notes: https://raynet.de/en/support/downloads/