Raynet’s client management solution for small and medium-sized businesses was officially released in version 2.0


Raynet, Europe’s leading provider of application lifecycle management services and products, is proud to announce the release of RaySuite Appliance version 2.0.

The RaySuite Appliance is a pre-configured and pre-installed set of software components that are perfectly integrated in a truly intuitive workflow. To ensure professional client lifecycle management, intensive management of several subsections is required. In addition to full software and OS deployment, security patch management, and an integrated license counter that can be configured to meet your license management needs, the appliance includes a hardware and software inventory solution. In addition, all packaging-related tasks, from evaluation to packaging up to quality assurance, can be carried out professionally.

With the new version 2.0, small and medium-sized enterprises benefit from an enormous increase in performance, lower storage capacities and an even more intuitive software deployment that simplifies the operation of their own IT infrastructure and can be conveniently and reliably managed.

“The new version has been optimized to meet the current market demand and offers small and medium-sized businesses a solution to securely and reliably manage and update their applications and systems,” explains Ragip Aydin, Managing Director of Raynet GmbH.

Customers and prospects can look forward to these new functions:

One-box solution with its own NON-AD system
The Deployment Manager, Security Patch Manager and OS Deployment have been updated to support software mapping to clients, patch automation and filtering in NON-AD scenarios. Integration into the customer’s AD or maintenance of a BlackBox-AD is therefore no longer necessary.

Update of all software components
RaySuite Appliance includes the latest product versions of its software components.

  • Software Deployment, OS Deployment, Security Patch Management, Asset Management, License Counting – powered by RayManageSofti
  • Discovery & Inventory – powered by RayVentory
  • Workflow Management – powered by RayFlow
  • Software Packaging – powered by RayPack Studio (RayEval, RayPack and RayQC)
  • Standardised finished packages – powered by Package Store

Full Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 is now supported. This also includes the initial installation of the operating system.

RayManageSofti (RMSi)

Redesign of the OS Deployment Module
To make the initial installation of the operating system faster and more efficient, the OS deployment component has been completely redesigned. The user interface, on the other hand, remains largely unchanged and ensures a smooth transition to the new version. In addition, RMSi supports the current OS versions.

Package creation with new Package Store integration
With the new fully integrated Package Store snap-in, packages can now be created and customized from scratch. The new snap-in supports all Package Store functions, such as downloading sources and importing them into the RMSi software library.


Full support for MSIX packaging
In addition to classic formats such as MSI and APP-V, RayPack also supports the new MSIX format. The modernization of old applications to the UWP framework (Universal Windows Platform) is not always possible. This is especially true for industry-specific products that are no longer under maintenance. MSIX forms the bridge to the UWP world, which allows old Win32 applications to run on the new platform with the new MSIX installer and all its advantages, without the need for code changes.

Further information about the current version of the RaySuite Appliance is available in the Release Notes: https://raynet.de/en/support/downloads/ .