Raynet releases Raypack 1.1 !


Today, Raynet GmbH, Europe’s leading company when it comes to software packaging and products in Application Lifecycle Management, releases version 1.1. of its packaging solution Raypack. With this release Raynet pledges its promises in regards to many customer and prospect requirements, improvement suggestions and wishes, provided to Raynet during the Raypack-Roadshows three months ago.

Everyone who claims to listen to its users and who is not developing in an ivory tower must live up to its own promises when delivering a new milestone. With this release Raynet pledges its promises since the new version 1.1. of Raypack contains many new features directly built upon requirements, suggestions and wishes of roadshow visitors. Just three simple examples:

PERMISSION – see figure 1

A powerful mechanism offering the best-of-breed permissions control mechanism.

• Supports permissions of deployed files, folders or registry keys

• It offers almost all options available in SECEDIT, plus a dynamic resolving of user names on runtime

• Supports ALLOW/DENY permissions, inheritance, propagation etc.

• Supports predefined groups (no more hardcoding)

• Produces clean output available in SDDL string

These functions to not require a direct editing of tables. Simple check boxes within the property dialogue of each folder are provided. Raynet Roadshow visitors have suggested this solution.

The best, most flexible and easy to use permissions control for deployed files, folders and registries. Period. Create custom security rules with a few clicks or lock down particular areas of system – all options you know from Microsoft© SecEdit technology are simply there! As always with RayPack features: Easy to use for beginners, powerful for advanced users.


RayPack’s solution is a simple yet effective tool that works for RPP, MSI or MSI+MST projects, providing the following:

• Compile RPP to MSI using given compression settings

• Recompile MSI to MSI using given compression settings

With these compression settings:

1) Compression ON (CABS) or OFF (separate files)

2) CABs location (embedded into the package or stored externally in the same folder as the MSI)

3) The maximum allowed CAB size

4) A compression method (ZIP/NONE)

The exclusive CAB splitting / rebuilding features let you control the compression of any MSI, even from 3rd party vendors!

• Compress unpacked admin images (for example with slipstreamed patches) back to single files or back to single files with CABs.

• Recompress the MSI – split the CABS to arbitrary size in order to save bandwidth and achieve a better performance on locations with low WAN speed.

• Choose between the quick consolidation of files (no compression) or effective MS-ZIP compression to save space and network traffic

CHANGES TRACKING – see figure 3

RayPack is the only tool that always shows what has been changed to the current packaging project. Making some adjustments in the Visual Designer automatically updates the tables and marks changes with a colored background.  This way users can learn how the MSI works and may easily track the changes. Other programs can only do it when working with transforms. RayPack does it out-of-the-box for all supported projects.

Already a power user? You will love the redefined concept of working with the Installer technology. RayPack produces absolutely valid and clean Windows Installer packages. Whatever your deployment needs, RayPack leads you there:

•         Managed attributes by checkbox editors.

•         Tracked references on life data.

•         Clean contents guaranteed by inline validation.

And if you still need more – quick links to relevant bits in official documentation are always at hand!

„Raynet follows its own principles“, says Ragip Aydin, Managing Director of Raynet GmbH. „Principles like “We listen to you” and „Developed by packagers for packagers” aren’t just dummy catch phrases but an essential part to our product development. We are convinced that we need to closely listen to our prospects and customers if we want to make good products. We will therefore maintain a close contact to all users, listen and design products accordingly.

Raynet shows living up to promises also in its planned US roadshow, which will take place late summer, after the successful tour through Europe. Collecting requirements and suggestions from the other side of the Atlantic is now the goal.

More about Raypack Rel. 1.1. under www.raypack.net .

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