Raynet extends software packaging factory of Bechtle

Raynet GmbH has been awarded a contract by Bechtle Remote Services GmbH & Co. KG to extend the most modern and – in its final state – also the biggest software packaging factory in Germany. The factory will be mostly with Raynet’s finest RaySuite portfolio products, amongst these the software packaging solution RayPack and the workflow management tool RayFlow.

Following the already existing partnership entered in 2013 with focus on software management, both companies now made an important step forward towards a closer and more strategic cooperation, which offers major benefits to Bechtle`s customers obtaining services for application lifecycle management, particularly software packaging services.

Bechtle Remote Services is located at Bechtle AG headquarters in Neckarsulm and chose with Raynet a strong partner. Raynet can look back on decades of experiences in setting up software packaging factories, for customers, IT service providers as well as software vendors. Raynet`s employees have been active in numerous packaging projects for the last 15 years, not only by delivering the services itself and giving on-the-job-training to the customers, but also by giving upfront architectural recommendations and setting up packaging guidelines and defining corporate processes.

The further extension of the packaging factory allows Bechtle to take full advantage of and use the comprehensive best practice approach Raynet developed for application lifecycle management. Bechtle and its customers will profit from an integrated, continuous process at highest quality standards. The process can be configured as required and can be individually adapted to the customer’s process structure. The all-in-one solution has a central data container and a unified, most modernly designed user interface. All modules within the comprehensive concept can be used integrated as well as standalone. Tools, which are already in use at Bechtle today, can be connected to the workflow tool RayFlow and thus be optimally used and applied over the complete process.

In parallel to the extension of the factory, Bechtle employees will be trained following a new and unique concept. This training program is based on modules and certifications and will be held over several months in order to prepare the participants optimally regarding their future duties in application lifecycle management.

„We are proud of the newly developed training program allowing our RayAcademy to perform a highly professional unique 6-months-education in software packaging and software management for packaging factory consultants”, says Mr. Ragip Aydin, Managing Director of Raynet GmbH.

The training ends with a certification as Certified Application Packaging Specialist (CAPS) and goes further than regular product trainings in the market, since it offers additionally holistic aspects of the work within a software packaging factory for the first time and worldwide. Next to packaging itself, also packaging rules and guidelines and its individual company-specific adjustments are taught, highlighting work preparation and quality assurance for software packages. Also technologies like software virtualization are part of the CAPS training. Training phases with special trainings-on-the-job will allow participants to get a focused preparation for the project work waiting for them after the training.

„The further extension of our software packaging factory right here in Germany is an important component in Bechtle’s Managed-Services-Portfolio in order to continuously offer complex services at highest quality and at attractive prices to our customers”, explains Mr. Marcus Zimmermann, Managing Director of Bechtle Remote Services GmbH & Co. KG. “To realize these goals, we decided for Raynet as the partner for us since Raynet provides an excellent level of customer orientation and high level of methodical know-how for software packaging. On top of this, the integrated tool approach offers interfaces to software deployment solutions already established. Also, the aspect of training our employees did convince us, so we can sustainably assure the long-term availability of qualified employees within the packaging factory”.


About Bechtle Remote Services

Bechtle Remote Services GmbH & Co. KG is a company of Bechtle AG, which 65 system houses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With trading companies in 14 countries, the group is one of Europe’s leading IT e-commerce providers. The listed company employs around 7,000 people. Bechtle is a manufacturer-independent company that provides one-stop shopping for all the IT infrastructure and operation needs of its more than 75,000 business, public-sector and financial market customers.

The service portfolio of Bechtle Remote Services, headquartered in Neckarsulm includes service desk support for IT users in the 1st and 2nd level, an IT control center in 3-shift operation (24×7), remote management for clients, servers and networks, infrastructure – and IT operating services from the Bechtle Cloud (usually via the Bechtle center in Friedrichshafen) and an installation center for “refueling” of new equipment before delivery to the customer.


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