Packaging Suite 5.0 – The perfect combination of established and new functions

With the release of the Packaging Suite 5.0, Raynet combines innovation, technology and design – more intelligent and attractive than ever before

Raynet, the leading provider of services and products for application lifecycle management in Europe, proudly releases the world’s most advanced and comprehensive software packaging and virtualization solution: Packaging Suite 5.0

Packaging Suite 5.0 delivers breakthrough performance, connectivity, and versatility for the most demanding tasks. The powerful components of Packaging Suite, including RayFlow Client, RayEval, RayPack, RayQC, and RayQC Advanced, provide better performance than most of the currently available solutions on the market. This makes it possible to easily perform even the most complex tasks, such as the processing of complex packaging projects. Packaging Suite 5.0 is so dynamic that it adapts to the most diverse requirements. Through the individual product components, Packaging Suite covers all aspects of enterprise packaging: application readiness, software evaluation, packaging and virtualization as well as quality assurance and workflow management. The seamless integration of all components ensures a much more productive and efficient processing of all package-related processes.

In addition to the stunning new design of the user interface, Packaging Suite 5.0 comes with new features, making it the most advanced and comprehensive solution and taking software packaging to the next level.
The new RayFlow Deployment Wizard now allows users to integrate software packages directly in the deployment solutions RayManageSofti (RMSi) or System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). The pre-configuration via the user interface enables the deployment at the push of a button, saves time and reduces the error rate.

The Package Store is now integrated in RayFlow and RayPack and gives users direct access to previously analyzed, standardized, preconfigured and quality-assured software packages, which can be adjusted in the Packaging Suite per needs and requirements.
RayPack now also offers the possibility to create non-Windows-projects and therefore also professionally covers macOS packaging.

The extended support for App-V 4.6 to 5.0, including 5.0 SP2, 5.1 and App-V for Windows 10, enables to refer to specific App-V versions in order to use the latest features of App-V technology. Further separate rule sets in RayQC Advanced for different App-V versions complete the range of test possibilities.
Raynet’s packaging solution RayPack uses Universal Windows Platform (UWP) bridge to support conversion and repackaging of applications for the Windows 10 APPX / UWP format. Older desktop applications are delivered in an APPX container and can be distributed via the Windows Store. New features and security features of the Windows 10 UWP platform are used. The new rule set for UWP Apps enables RayQC Advanced to test whether software packages can be converted to the UWP Bridge Desktop App format. In addition, users can now perform comprehensive collision and compatibility checks with various Windows 10 editions including Anniversary and Creators updates.

PowerShell CustomActions makes it possible to script complex installations in a modern language. Of course, RayPack now also provides full integration with Windows Installer Session Properties. With RayPack the creation of a PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit wrapper for generated projects is easily realized.
With a new plug-in system, users can expand RayPack. RayPack already provides some sample plugins with the installation, such as: adaptation of the complexity index, integration of an established community website for package developers and many more.
To significantly increase user comfort, Raynet also provides the PackBench with a multilingual user interface available in English, German and Polish.

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