Highest efficiency in software packaging

With the official release of RayPack Studio and RayFlow in version 5.2, Raynet delivers intelligent automation for maximum efficiency.

Raynet, the leading provider of services and products for application lifecycle management in Europe, officially releases the version 5.2 of RayPack Studio and RayFlow today.

With the latest version of this holistic software packaging and workflow management solution, users not only benefit from intelligent automation, but also from an enormous increase in performance and therefore time savings throughout the entire packaging process.

Starting with version 5.2, RayPack Studio automatically analyzes the log file after installation and creates an MST file directly.

Repackaging of complex software applications that require a reboot after installation and are therefore often very time-consuming to process can now also be implemented automatically via virtual machines as mass processing.

In addition, RayPack Studio now offers configurable and extensible wrapper templates that can be flexibly customized. This enables users to add specific corporate components to the wrapper, such as logos, scripts, brandings, etc.

The products RayEval, RayQC and RayQC Advanced which are also integrated in RayPack Studio besides RayPack itself, contain stability and performance improvements as well.

In RayFlow, companies can now configure their own entry page and adapt it to their own corporate design. In addition to the background image, various elements and font colors as well as other text fields can be redesigned as desired.

The new ServiceNow connector in RayFlow provides bidirectional synchronization of information. This facilitates the import and update of ServiceNow tasks.

All these are key factors that efficiently support the daily work of companies in the software application delivery process. Even more intelligent, powerful and performant – the reliable result of continuous new and further developments.

Developed for complex software packaging projects, RayPack Studio’s product components cover all relevant process phases from application readiness, evaluation, packaging and virtualization to quality assurance. The phases are steered by the workflow management tool RayFlow, which integrates all products of the studio as well as third party components. Thus, all data of an order is collected and made available as required – an optimal information and communication platform for each project participant.

Further information on the current version of RayPack Studio and RayFlow is available in the Release Notes https://raynet.de/en/Download.

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